Friday, August 15, 2008


i guess today is just not my day. so much of thinking positive about things, but sometimes shit does happen. maybe.. something like N4 was telling us yesterday when her colleague actually fell onto a pool of shit!! human shit!! yeahh yucky isnt... but that was real!! anyway, i had another shitty day today... it happened too fast. its like... i am still trying to believe that today is okay... but it turned out not to be okay... F%$#!!!! yeup.... i just feel like cursing.. with the terrible traffic that i had to go through, and stupid malaysian drivers... bus drivers and stupid women drivers.. they can really make life a hassle!! and i ended up at AD's place with trembling hands just because i needed to control my anger from some stupid idiot drivers!!! and i wasted an hour on the road when i can go to the gym after work - well at least that was my plan!! arrgghhh... i am so full of frustration today and i dont remember when was the last time i got this feeling.

when i got home, i wanted to continue packing but i cant find anything nice to wear for my holiday :( and i wanted to take my khaki bermuda with me but guess what.... the maid burnt it while ironing it but did not tell me!?? so, there goes my bermuda...

ANYHOW... today... i got an unexpected email from JA... *smile* and *smile* whom i have not been in contact for many years... i have not opened my yahoo email for so long..maybe over a month.. and i was surprised to receive a belated birthday wish. :) it really meant something... especially after a shitty... f%$#@! day like today. yes!! if i want to break the record for cursing... today is the day!!

maybe i should just go to sleep... and put all these behind... tomorrow will be a new fresh day and i will have fun with everyone on the trip!! :)

sometimes, we tend to chase lots of things that we dont have yet and we dont see what is in front of us till its gone...