Friday, August 29, 2008

the last day before fasting month

today is the last working day before fasting month. i believe most malaysians will not be productive during fasting month. everyone...well.. mostly.. those who are fasting as least will want to finish the day early to rush home for 'buka'.. people have been eating like pigs around me.. just because today is the last day of work this week.. and next week they'll come to work fasting?! what laaa...

i've been busy today at the office, as usual.. attending meeting already took me 1.5 hours.. by the time got back at the office, other things came up. biasa la kan... otherwise it wont be called, 'at work'.. hello... :P my sayang is so happy with his new scooter... hahha... yeah... we went to collect his scooter yesterday after work. he's cute when he gets excited like that hehehe :D macam budak baru dapat toys... ha macam tu la rupa dia :P tak pe laa.. benda baru :)

anyway, back to joelis... the story goes like this.. this morning, we were late again.. to school. it happen most of the mornings.. i wonder why.. :P well anyway.. as i was driving, joey said he forgot his lunch.. the sandwich that he made. so, me, being a mom, obviously i cant just drive off, can i?? so... i turned back to get joey's lunch... and lisa was so upset with me... then, she started to nag and nag... and she asked me to drive off at the junction where there were still cars and motorbikes on the way... so, apa lagi ?? kena la tengking dgn i... and.. thats how it happened lah.

now i have to rush for dinner... continue later lah okay..

selamat berpuasa everyone!!