Friday, August 1, 2008

keep me energized!

puhleezzzz.... :( here i am resting - after running up and down.. at the office.. keep my brain working non stop - with lots of different issues on my desk - calls coming in - emails to be answered - booth to be monitored - joelis to handle

and now, i am feeling that my battery is going flat. no!! cant be... keep me energized... i just cant go down now... :( i cant... uurgghhh... joey has been calling me at the office today... as usual arguing with lisa. i was trying to keep myself composed, while handling some other issues at the office at the same time. i wish i have more quality time with joelis. i wish i can be home more often. although their crankiness can drive me up the wall! but... those are the things that makes me smile, when i am tired. those are the things that made me miss them when i get extremely busy at the office. oh well... dont push it kids... mommy has only little energy left!!! please dont challenge me... and i mean it :P

i just feel like shutting down now... but i wanted to let it all out. i know, when i read this again tomorrow.. or the next day.. i will not understand what i had just written! LOL... :D

have a good weekend everyone.. :) and i will make my weekend wonderful too :*