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just love him

by - August 28, 2008

hehehe... mushy in the morning? i dunno.... i just wanted to write something in my blog today. cant update about my bandung trip just yet. it can get very detail. the holiday mood is fighting with my working mood... hahaha :D ;P got lots of things done since i got back to work on monday. one thing at a time :) yesterday, AD came to my office... he was just excited about something. he smsed me but i was in a meeting. since the battery was flat, i decided to leave it on my desk before i went to the boardroom. by 5pm, meeting was over... i went to my workplace and when i was about to go out and talk to my team at the counter, saw him walking in, with his umbrella.. heheheh :D he looked like the guy version of mary poppins... LOL :P so, since i was still working, he waited for another half hour. made the call that i was supposed to make... it was not ready... tomorrow, the girl said. to cut story short, we went home in the heavy rain... my car was 'semput'... wanted to go to a funeral later last night but i dare not coz the rain continued till late and traffic was really bad. well anyway... what has all these story got to do with the title?? :) errr... that just came across my mind before i started typing. i just love him. i looked at him a few times yesterday, till he asked, 'what??' and i could not stop giggling.. he may not be calm all the time, hehehe... but when he is, like yesterday.. i just felt relaxed and just love being with him...

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