Friday, August 15, 2008


it didnt turn out okay.. :( i bought hair color yesterday for my sister N4 to color my hair, but it didnt turn out ok... errkksss... and we will be traveling tomorrow... and i'll be having 10am meeting today and 3pm meeting... gosh... luckily we packed our bags last night. joelis got excited... they keep on asking me about the itinerary... all i can say was... we will be going there, to shop.. and shop.. and shop... and they both gave me this 'boring' look... hehehe... :D how do i know what to expect, i have never been there. all i know, its a shopping place.

well anyway, AD had i had our own sensitive moments yesterday... hmmm... and when i have things in my head but just could not get it out of my system, i would have this look on my face. and AD would immediately ask, 'what is it that you want to say' and i went, 'what do you mean?' 'ahhh... i know, you have something to say but you are not saying it'... and i went... 'hmmm.. nothing lah' and there was silence... :P i know AD hates it when it happen.. and he'll just continue doing what he's doing. and my screen saver is switched on.

by the time i got home, it was already 815pm and everyone was seated for dinner. join them and had a good makan..heh.. heh... AD called on his way home from office, it was already 950pm and i was busy coloring my hair... ahakss.. hmmmm whatever lah... later on we say our goodnights... and fell asleep.. at least i know i did by 1100pm... with joey sleeping soundly by my side :)

oh yes... i think today will be my last posting for the week... and i will return next week... expect photos people!!! photos.... yeehaaaa!!!!