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by - August 07, 2008

bear with me okay... i am trying to divert my attention now to something either stupid, silly, fun, happening, or whatever as long as not the shitty feeling...
august 2008
june 2008

i prefer my arm now then in june... hehehe... :D and AD is right.. less make up is better... muahahaha... hate it when he is right. :P i can visualize his face expression now.. like so happy and satisfied like that!!! eerggghhhhh... minche!! thats what he always say.. :D

[4:44:40 PM] he says: are u ok ??
[4:44:52 PM] he says: u sound sad on the phone
[4:45:13 PM] she says: hi
[4:45:17 PM] she says: yeahh.. i know
[4:45:28 PM] he says: so what is happen ?
[4:45:42 PM] she says: i just love you thats all
[4:46:03 PM] he says: oh ok worry i have the same problem
[4:46:12 PM] he says: its not really a sickness
[4:46:17 PM] he says: (rofl)

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