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have i done enough?

by - August 01, 2008

how much are you willing to sacrifice? sometimes we think we have sacrificed enough, but the other party will feel it is enough for them. be it your parents, kids, friends, or partners. i have always asked myself:

have i done enough for my parents?
sometimes i feel i have, but most of the time i feel that i have not. but from them, they have done a lot for me and my joelis especially! and i just cant think of ways to pay back their kindness except for praying for their best of health and happiness... at least as of yesterday, i knew my parents are happy...heh heh... N3 knows too!! kekekeks :D but at least i hope they know that i try my best to give them what i can.. :( i know i can provide more - just that the time is not now... have not reached the target yet..

have i done enough for my joelis?
honestly... no! that is how i personally feel. i want to do more for them.. i want to give them what they deserved. whatever that i have done for them, i feel like its only the 1st layer... i know i can give more... love, time, financially, place to stay, a person whom they can really call dad...?? errkkss.. etc...

have i done enough for my partner?

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