Monday, August 4, 2008

cycling in putrajaya

currently my brain is going through a bad traffic!! just had to take a short break for a while. too much craps.. so... lets blog!!!

i accomplished a lot of things in 1 day yesterday -
  • i helped my parents - entertaining the guests from bandung
  • took the guests for a quick shopping in klcc
  • i signed up 2 people from bandung for xango! wwwuuuhhhuuuuu...
  • went cycling, fulfilling joey's request and having a great time in putrajaya with joelis
the day started really early at home yesterday. all parents for the kids from bandung came to our house for breakfast. so, we sort of had a garden party for breakfast. :) we had more than 40 people at home in the morning. had a mini juice party... and i really had fun promoting and talking about xango. they were excited about the mangosteen juice that i introduced yesterday. in fact, they wanted 3 boxes to be brought back to bandung, unfortunately the office was closed on sunday, so i could not get them the boxes. so, they just signed up, and i am ordering the juice for them! yey!!

by 1pm drove to klia with 3 parents and joelis in the car. sent them off back to bandung. had lunch in klia. food was okay at the food court. looking at my watch, it was already 230pm. AD was already at the lcct. we were supposed to pick him up at 3pm and go for our cycling.. hmmm.. decided to smsed AD to warn him that we may need more time. joelis dont seem want to move from klia until the kids are off. so, i decided to pick up AD first... said my goodbyes to some of the parents, teachers and kids and drove to lcct to pick up AD. drove back to klia... by then, joelis were already ready.

reached putrajaya at 5pm. left only 1 hour for the bicycle ride. whoaaa... it was really tiring... riding up the really steep hills that we had to push our bicycles!! i dont remember the last time i ride a bicycle. hahahah LOL... :D and... guess what.... i left my camera with my mom!! so, had to use the phone camera.. so, please dont expect a real good pics huh... :)

half way up the hills!

taking a short break at the time whatever you call that!

scaring joey who is afraid of heights!! hehehhe :D

AD and joelis

joelis and i... our crazy pose!!

we really had fun!! took pictures... in and out the tunnel at the botani park. after that... we had a nice early dinner at the putrajaya seafood restaurant. the food was okay lah... my tomyam was not that great but AD's fried rice and joelis' meehoon cantonese style were delicious!!

by the time we got home, it was almost 9pm... quickly took shower.. and by 11pm... i dozed off!