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commotion --> beauty

by - August 27, 2008

lots of fuss going around lately. but somehow, my mind managed to put some aside, or at least put them on hold for a while. they have been put in certain compartments in my brain so that later, when the time is right, i will deal with them ;)

one liner - i dislike politics stories.. :P had these conversation with someone we know in bandung.. he had the same opinion about politics, somehow. he stepped down from politics arena coz it has became dirty :(

apart from blogging, i do read other people blogs as well... some, i know them and some i dont. i only read things that are beautiful. blogs that makes me smile or laugh, or even blogs that give me motivation to move forward. hmmm that reminds me... i must look for that particular blog. it all started when i had an upset stomach this morning before sending joelis to school. ended up, my dad had to drive them as i was still in the little room... *blush* heh.. heh.. :P so, while waiting for my dad to come back with my car, i read this magazine - ratu sehari. and there is one wedding concept that caught my eyes... :D *wide grin now* hehehhee... i would say, my fav wedding concept was underwater world. never knew that someone would be that creative to come up with such ideas. i wish i got the pictures that i can share... hmm maybe later when i get the response from the magazine editor. and the make up.... love freda lestari putra... his make up is the indonesian style. there were a few photos of models, done by a few make up artist, but i found the one done by freda was the best. the bride looked different :) *smile* and *smile*

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