Friday, August 29, 2008

the last day before fasting month

today is the last working day before fasting month. i believe most malaysians will not be productive during fasting month. everyone...well.. mostly.. those who are fasting as least will want to finish the day early to rush home for 'buka'.. people have been eating like pigs around me.. just because today is the last day of work this week.. and next week they'll come to work fasting?! what laaa...

i've been busy today at the office, as usual.. attending meeting already took me 1.5 hours.. by the time got back at the office, other things came up. biasa la kan... otherwise it wont be called, 'at work'.. hello... :P my sayang is so happy with his new scooter... hahha... yeah... we went to collect his scooter yesterday after work. he's cute when he gets excited like that hehehe :D macam budak baru dapat toys... ha macam tu la rupa dia :P tak pe laa.. benda baru :)

anyway, back to joelis... the story goes like this.. this morning, we were late again.. to school. it happen most of the mornings.. i wonder why.. :P well anyway.. as i was driving, joey said he forgot his lunch.. the sandwich that he made. so, me, being a mom, obviously i cant just drive off, can i?? so... i turned back to get joey's lunch... and lisa was so upset with me... then, she started to nag and nag... and she asked me to drive off at the junction where there were still cars and motorbikes on the way... so, apa lagi ?? kena la tengking dgn i... and.. thats how it happened lah.

now i have to rush for dinner... continue later lah okay..

selamat berpuasa everyone!!

hate it

i just hate it when i had a fight with my joelis early in the morning :( this morning, with lisa actually... :( arrgghhh... i just dont like it... it spoils my working mood... my driving.. and lots more... and now i dont feel like talking to her. perhaps it is a part of growing up for her... gosh...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

just love him

hehehe... mushy in the morning? i dunno.... i just wanted to write something in my blog today. cant update about my bandung trip just yet. it can get very detail. the holiday mood is fighting with my working mood... hahaha :D ;P got lots of things done since i got back to work on monday. one thing at a time :) yesterday, AD came to my office... he was just excited about something. he smsed me but i was in a meeting. since the battery was flat, i decided to leave it on my desk before i went to the boardroom. by 5pm, meeting was over... i went to my workplace and when i was about to go out and talk to my team at the counter, saw him walking in, with his umbrella.. heheheh :D he looked like the guy version of mary poppins... LOL :P so, since i was still working, he waited for another half hour. made the call that i was supposed to make... it was not ready... tomorrow, the girl said. to cut story short, we went home in the heavy rain... my car was 'semput'... wanted to go to a funeral later last night but i dare not coz the rain continued till late and traffic was really bad. well anyway... what has all these story got to do with the title?? :) errr... that just came across my mind before i started typing. i just love him. i looked at him a few times yesterday, till he asked, 'what??' and i could not stop giggling.. he may not be calm all the time, hehehe... but when he is, like yesterday.. i just felt relaxed and just love being with him...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

commotion --> beauty

lots of fuss going around lately. but somehow, my mind managed to put some aside, or at least put them on hold for a while. they have been put in certain compartments in my brain so that later, when the time is right, i will deal with them ;)

one liner - i dislike politics stories.. :P had these conversation with someone we know in bandung.. he had the same opinion about politics, somehow. he stepped down from politics arena coz it has became dirty :(

apart from blogging, i do read other people blogs as well... some, i know them and some i dont. i only read things that are beautiful. blogs that makes me smile or laugh, or even blogs that give me motivation to move forward. hmmm that reminds me... i must look for that particular blog. it all started when i had an upset stomach this morning before sending joelis to school. ended up, my dad had to drive them as i was still in the little room... *blush* heh.. heh.. :P so, while waiting for my dad to come back with my car, i read this magazine - ratu sehari. and there is one wedding concept that caught my eyes... :D *wide grin now* hehehhee... i would say, my fav wedding concept was underwater world. never knew that someone would be that creative to come up with such ideas. i wish i got the pictures that i can share... hmm maybe later when i get the response from the magazine editor. and the make up.... love freda lestari putra... his make up is the indonesian style. there were a few photos of models, done by a few make up artist, but i found the one done by freda was the best. the bride looked different :) *smile* and *smile*

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

kl - bandung - kl :)

ahhh what a nice break we had!!! :D and i am still smiling after a long leave from the office. this is the first time after many many years working with the company that i took leave throughout the school holiday. :) we just got back from bandung last week and i stayed home for the rest of the week. well, not really stayed home, i had my business to run :P
anyway, i just wanna say that we had a great time in bandung. joelis were really happy meeting their friends back over there. my sister and mom had a great time shopping. and my dad got to meet up with his long lost relatives from jakarta. maybe, when i have more time, i will share more about the trip in my blog. :)

safari.... the chilled place in puncak... the shopping spree... got myself a few pants-suits... my sister went crazy with the embroidery...

here are a few pics to share.... check out more in my multiply album. i have divided into 2 albums there coz there were too many photos :) :P

Friday, August 15, 2008


i guess today is just not my day. so much of thinking positive about things, but sometimes shit does happen. maybe.. something like N4 was telling us yesterday when her colleague actually fell onto a pool of shit!! human shit!! yeahh yucky isnt... but that was real!! anyway, i had another shitty day today... it happened too fast. its like... i am still trying to believe that today is okay... but it turned out not to be okay... F%$#!!!! yeup.... i just feel like cursing.. with the terrible traffic that i had to go through, and stupid malaysian drivers... bus drivers and stupid women drivers.. they can really make life a hassle!! and i ended up at AD's place with trembling hands just because i needed to control my anger from some stupid idiot drivers!!! and i wasted an hour on the road when i can go to the gym after work - well at least that was my plan!! arrgghhh... i am so full of frustration today and i dont remember when was the last time i got this feeling.

when i got home, i wanted to continue packing but i cant find anything nice to wear for my holiday :( and i wanted to take my khaki bermuda with me but guess what.... the maid burnt it while ironing it but did not tell me!?? so, there goes my bermuda...

ANYHOW... today... i got an unexpected email from JA... *smile* and *smile* whom i have not been in contact for many years... i have not opened my yahoo email for so long..maybe over a month.. and i was surprised to receive a belated birthday wish. :) it really meant something... especially after a shitty... f%$#@! day like today. yes!! if i want to break the record for cursing... today is the day!!

maybe i should just go to sleep... and put all these behind... tomorrow will be a new fresh day and i will have fun with everyone on the trip!! :)

sometimes, we tend to chase lots of things that we dont have yet and we dont see what is in front of us till its gone...

i have decided

to get away from the negative vibes... and... will not let it bug me. so... early this morning, i disturbed AD... heh.. heh.. :D sent him a morning wish.. but there was silence... hhmmm... okay.. continue driving to work... had early breakfast coz i will be having a meeting at 10am. before that i was busy with my claims... yeahh.. gotta have some extra cash after my holiday... hahaha... sure habis banyak punya... meeting ended early... so decided to repair my hair.. yeup... went to re-color. got a good price.. rm60... okay what... :)

and today, i had more time to think of what AD has said. and he has his points.. he usually does. :) only that at times when it comes to some 'other' things, i would not argue with him coz its pointless. :P and after yesterday's conversation, he put some senses in my head.

pause: just had a customer service experience with a credit card officer... hahaha... and i am surprised that i managed to keep myself calm... kwangg kwangg kwanggg..

okay... ran off track.... coming back to the story here. i was thinking, while doing my work.. why doesnt AD call me or sms me back? hmm... could he was disturbed about how i was acting yesterday? or, as usual, it has got something to do with celcom - which i strongly feel, thats the reason.. ahhh... i am sure, by the time i get to office, there will be a msg from him on skype. :) think positive...right :)

and... true enough... hhahaha... its celcom problem again.. and i had to call him.. listening to his cheerful voice makes me smile and it put away all the whatever that i was thinking before. he was on the way to the gym coz he cant work, coz his phone was not working... how nice huh... :)

okay laa... i've got to get started again... after a long break. my hair looks nice :P just made a call to lisa... she'll be getting her treat tonight... disney - high school musical on ice.. her birthday present from N4... N4 was lucky to get a VIP ticket for that.. unfortunately, there wasnt enough to bring joey along. :( but, its okay... there'll be a next time :)


it didnt turn out okay.. :( i bought hair color yesterday for my sister N4 to color my hair, but it didnt turn out ok... errkksss... and we will be traveling tomorrow... and i'll be having 10am meeting today and 3pm meeting... gosh... luckily we packed our bags last night. joelis got excited... they keep on asking me about the itinerary... all i can say was... we will be going there, to shop.. and shop.. and shop... and they both gave me this 'boring' look... hehehe... :D how do i know what to expect, i have never been there. all i know, its a shopping place.

well anyway, AD had i had our own sensitive moments yesterday... hmmm... and when i have things in my head but just could not get it out of my system, i would have this look on my face. and AD would immediately ask, 'what is it that you want to say' and i went, 'what do you mean?' 'ahhh... i know, you have something to say but you are not saying it'... and i went... 'hmmm.. nothing lah' and there was silence... :P i know AD hates it when it happen.. and he'll just continue doing what he's doing. and my screen saver is switched on.

by the time i got home, it was already 815pm and everyone was seated for dinner. join them and had a good makan..heh.. heh... AD called on his way home from office, it was already 950pm and i was busy coloring my hair... ahakss.. hmmmm whatever lah... later on we say our goodnights... and fell asleep.. at least i know i did by 1100pm... with joey sleeping soundly by my side :)

oh yes... i think today will be my last posting for the week... and i will return next week... expect photos people!!! photos.... yeehaaaa!!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

things to do.... errksss!!!

panic button!!!
  1. letters for customers
  2. calling my prospects
  3. report on the event - that has gone off when my laptop hang yesterday!!
  4. pack our bags
  5. passports... - all with me :D *grin*
  6. convert cash...errmmm.. thanks N3
  7. tidying up my desk.. errr... can i do that when i am back in 2 weeks time?? *dusyyummmm*

the roller coaster ride

wahh... good huh... right after the 'excited' posting, i got pissed... hee hee :D things have been moving very fast nowadays... 8 hours being in the office just ran out very fast! i have been interviewing a few candidates for an exec level in my dept. just have not find 'the' person just yet.

i got pissed by one of our customers. just hate it when someone was trying to twist things around and by making a remark like, ' being a customer service personnel, you should... blah..blah.. ' look, we are in customer service, yes but we work according to proper channel. some people, just because you are in a manager level, you think you know so much huh? and me, being in this line for almost more than 10 years now, still trying to keep myself calm and cynical at the same time. sendiri mau ingat laaa...

and yeup... since this is about the roller coaster ride.. and me getting pissed.. i was pissed off with my trainer yesterday. fine... i have been neglecting my diet and my gym. i get to go only once a week, and with the pattern of my food intake, it doesnt look good. so, i went to the gym yesterday and my trainer saw that layer of tummy that i have... i so feel like taking a pic of my tummy and let my readers judge.. hahhaha LOL... that'll be the day huh... come on, i am 164cm tall and i weigh now 54.7 kg... my ideal weight is 55kg... errmmm... is that not okay?? i was so urrgghhh with him yesterday... wahhh just could not stand his nagging man!!! so, to cut the story short, i had only my protein shake for dinner.. :( huwaaaaa... and when i am hungry, i get more cranky!! after gym, i took a rest before i head for shower and perform my prayer... and after that, while waiting for the 9pm online presentation, i just took a peek on my facebook.. when he started to nag again... i was like, 'what the F*&%!!' he really got to my nerves now... i had a very long day at the office with tonnes of things to do... and now he nags.. .. so, i just went to check on my prospects' numbers... get a whole list... while him still nagging... and lock myself in the room for half hour!! and after the presentation, he asked me if we are going out to buy me a bag.. well, a pouch actually... and my mood just went off somewhere - which of course, i cant hide it with my face expression!!! it really shows on my face whenever i feel happy, sad, frustrated etc... i am just so bad in hiding my true feelings. and he has the c#@$@ to ask me, 'why are you like this?' bengssss betul....!!

shite.... why am i sneezing non stop now!!??? cant afford to get sick now... flying off on saturday morning!! darnnn...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


i am getting excited... and i am sure joelis are too!! 2 more days to work and we'll be off for our holiday... yey.. yey ... and yey... i am smiling... now... no... more of grinning... this morning, my sister N3 and i were checking out which bags to bring... need to pack our stuff already... and just now, i needed to go to the bank and one embarrassing incident happened... hahaha... :D got to go to the bank again tomorrow! :P

joelis... we will have fun!! i know we will... and lots of shopping to do... nope not for us... but i am sure it'll be for N3 and my mom!! they both are shopaholic!! we, joelis and i can shop laa... a bit... i already have in mind what i want to buy.. hahaha LOL... and joelis, their baju raya :)... shoessss... for me... and what else ehh.. oh yes... most important, telekung... i heard they have nice ones there.

and the tour... visiting places... aahhh.. how nice... ni yang jadik hilang mood nak kerja nie... but my desk is like a tong sampah already!!! aarrgghh.. hellpppp... gotta leave early today... for my gym.. trainer making noise already! :P ahaksss...


cleaning up after an event is more tiring, i guess. needed to compile all the receipts... claims... and see how much we actually spent. had most of the time seated at my workplace yesterday. sampai sakit2 pinggang... hehehe... now that i car pool to the office with N4, somehow its better for joelis. not so much of nagging from lisa. hehe just needed better push factor for that. errr.... why am i jumping to this topic? hmmm.. dunno :P and thats me sitting thinking what to do next...!! hahaha :P

somehow, i missed AD so much yesterday... why arr? ehh... the nice amazing thing is, whenever i had this thought about him, moments later, his sms reaches me. heheehee... kira okay lah tuh.. :P

so looking forward for our holiday trip this weekend - me and my whole family. and will use this opportunity to expand the business over there too. lets see how it'll work okay. :)

went off to the curve yesterday after work.. around 640pm with N4... had things done there... women's stuff :P.... got home around 830pm... had our dinner.. whats left on the table... boy..!! i was so hungry!!! and later went upstairs checked on joelis... watched drama.. and went to bed.. without shower...iyugghh... hehehe :D.. AD smsed asking me to watch tv1 for underwater world programme or something... hmmm nice... but lots of snakes!! yikess... nope, not gonna dive there!! :O my mom who was watching with me started to nag about my diving activities.. bla.. bla.. bla... and i can no longer stand... hee hee :D hey... i've gone only for 1 diving trip this year okay!! so, to avoid more nagging, i ran back to our room... joey was already asleep... or.. half asleep. carried him on the bed, coz as usual, he will be conquering half of the bed.. hahaha :D and i fell asleep... :O woke up again, 1030pm.. shower, and get back to sleep... hmmm the pain killer did help... i was feeling a bit sick last night. and AD's sms read, 'u see i think of u'.. hahaha... eleh... kalau teringat pun, ngaku je laa.. tak yah guna alasan tengok tv citer diving... kih..kih..kih.. :P

and i had this weird dream, about my ex boss.. AD.. and some others... playing badminton?? what the hell?? hahaha.. and something about people in a circle... just dont understand! and this morning, joey woke up.... pulling the comforter... hehehe... his hands and legs are cold.. itu laa... normally i will cover him with the comforter and hug him, but he will push all away... hmmm tau sejuk bila dah pagi!! :P

and now..gotta write a report about the whole event last weekend :)

Monday, August 11, 2008


aaahhh.... *lega*... thats how i feel right now. the company event was a successful one. despite only half of the registered customers/guests turned up, those who actually turned up had fun! i was so relieved after talking to most of them, and thanked them, they did enjoy themselves. perhaps i will post what i will write on the event for my office later on.

on the way home from KS, AD sent an sms asking what time we'll meet up on sunday. my mind was too tired.. replied his sms, 'at 2pm as usual if you like'. came back to KL around 8pm something.. was really exhausted and sticky. had a quick shower... forgot to take dinner... lepak with joelis... was in bed with them... showed some pics from my camera.. and soon after, i fell asleep ... zzzzzzz...

woke up a bit late... heh.. heh.. had to run a few errands... buying things for the lunch party that my youngests sister (N4) planned for her friends. ordered balloons for the party. sent joelis to their music class, while waiting, washed my car that had a lot of fingerprints from the monkeys in KS.. and had a drink with SA... cant remember the last time we get to chat. he has been busy with his event and so do i... okay laa... for about 15 minutes or so... and later pickup joelis.. drove off to the lrt station to pick up AD... kesian dia... he waited for 1 hour... he arrived early around 1pm something.. but he could not call.. hehehe... tak per.. tunggu je laa.. :P it was a lazy sunday... after lepakking at home, we, AD, myself, N3, coleman, joey went out to do some window shopping - cars window shopping..wuuhhuuuu... love the white bimmer... :P came back about an hour later, had a quick lunch... and AD went out cycling with joelis while i lay down lazying on the sofa reading newspaper. then... we went to jusco to get lisa something.. just after maghrib, sent joelis to my sister's (N1) house for dinner.. i dropped AD at the lrt station and drove back to my sister's house... wahhh... pecal!!! heaven!!! and durians!!! wallauwehhhhh... dan aku terbongkang kekenyangan... nyeh nyeh... :P abis diet aku!!!

this morning is a bit slow for me... maybe, the whole system (my system) is realizing that i am slowing down after all the excitement on the weekend. came to the office with my new laptop bag... hehehe.. thanks sis (N1) with the free laptop bag from petronas.. ahakss... saw all the balloons at our customer service counter.. thinking... hmmm its all over now... back to my workstation, trying to sort things out... claims.. receipts... invoices... hmmmm... at the same time... trying to chase all the desk work that has been put on hold.

had a peak into fb... aahhh... looking at the newlywed page... ahhh no photos yet :( cleaning up some apps invited by friends. now that the event is over, felt like... errmmmm back to desk work? :( :P :O aahhh..... there are other things lining up.. shuckksss!!! and ein started to panic again... hahahaha LOL okay... okay... blog later okay...

oh yes... there was a balloon bursting session in the office :P i'll just post some pics that i took with my camera... now still waiting for the professional photographer to send in their pics.

Friday, August 8, 2008

value of friendship

OMG.... i am such a bluechhh for the past few days... well anyway, have you ever thought of how much some people would value friendship? at my age now, i didnt expect myself to actually still thinking about all this petty petty things... but again, being a woman, we think of everything, even if its as small as errmmm bacteria?? heheheh :D

just wanna mention that i can be such a pain in the a%$ not that i want to make other people's life difficult, just that i think too much. so, the conclusion is, now, i just want to say this... 'jealousy and insecurity is not sexy!' :) so i guess whatever that he has said to me before has come true, what he is afraid of.. but its okay, life goes on..

action speaks louder than words

angelina... thank you for being my ears.. and for slapping me on the face! hahahaha :D LOL...

its a great friday!!

yes!!! i am energized after a full shitty day yesterday! yesterday was history... and today is a new day... AND... i am so looking forward for a successful event tomorrow in kuala selangor with the whole team of MCB and specially dedicated for WSB team!!! love you all so so so much...

and joelis... next week, mommy will be with you for a full 5 days 4 nights until you both get tired seeing my face!! hahahaha... joelis were a bit sulking yesterday coz i wont be coming home tonight. yeup.. i will be sleeping over in kuala selangor tonight with some other colleagues at the office as some of us will need to be at the park as early as 4am!! hmmmm boleh ke??? errkkkssss...

and to my buddy WN... i'd like to congratulate you for tomorrow will be a big day for you and MH... its gonna be a great new beginning for both of you. i wish you best of luck and may lots of love coming your way :)

as for me... i am just feeling so great this morning... :) things are in place... done all the checklist... get the whole team moving.. got an sms from AD this morning - err... yeup, i was too busy to smsed him.. but i am so thankful and grateful, alhamdulillah that we both have that understanding and trust that we dont need to report or see each other every now and then... LOL... we are passed that phase i guess... we work towards our goals and insyaAllah, we will get our target.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


bear with me okay... i am trying to divert my attention now to something either stupid, silly, fun, happening, or whatever as long as not the shitty feeling...
august 2008
june 2008
i prefer my arm now then in june... hehehe... :D and AD is right.. less make up is better... muahahaha... hate it when he is right. :P i can visualize his face expression now.. like so happy and satisfied like that!!! eerggghhhhh... minche!! thats what he always say.. :D

[4:44:40 PM] he says: are u ok ??
[4:44:52 PM] he says: u sound sad on the phone
[4:45:13 PM] she says: hi
[4:45:17 PM] she says: yeahh.. i know
[4:45:28 PM] he says: so what is happen ?
[4:45:42 PM] she says: i just love you thats all
[4:46:03 PM] he says: oh ok worry i have the same problem
[4:46:12 PM] he says: its not really a sickness
[4:46:17 PM] he says: (rofl)


just needed one phone call... and i feel much better... not fully okay... but i am okay... hehehe... silly me as usual.. seeing my message asking 'can i call you now?'... my friend already knew that something is bothering me.. and thank you.. as usual, it was my big mouth who said things that i shouldnt be saying... at least not yet, coz i should know that he wont understand why..


ein is feeling shitty again. and as usual when i get this feeling, i could not sleep. was in and out my room last night till around 2am. my mom was still having her body massage in the family room. i wanted to cry but.. i controlled myself.. :( aaahhhhh i told myself... i have other better things to think of. get rid of it from my mind... now!!! went downstairs, had my portion of xango... :D hehehe... somehow, it has relieved me from all those mixed feelings that i had and put me to sleep..

and right now... i am already keeping tears in my eyes!! shit... shit and shit... :( i was still working late last night.. and while i was working, lisa smsed me good night... and automatically i sent to her.. 'love you more than the whole world sweethearts. i promise i wont let anyone hurt both of you, okay. :*' and i became emotional again... i knew AD saw the changes on my face last night. and he knew what he said has affected me so much. and i hate it... and what he said affected me still till today... my chest hurts... and i just needed to let it out..

get rid of the shittyness and think of other nice things. other things that makes me happy, busy.. aarrgghhhh i just wanna scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


thats me!! :D :D now... right now... just before i pack and leave... everything is going to be alright... i know it will... coz... i am in control!!!

what would you prefer?

would you prefer your partner/bf/gf to tell you or do it behind your back? hehehe... what a stupid question to ask, i know. oh well... i dont know, i have a friend who prefers to do things behind his partner's knowledge. why? i guess if i were his partner, i would want to know rather than finding it out myself? hmmmm.. but then again, everyone is different. i am okay being friends with anyone.. but perhaps with him, i am still sore. it is not about me saying that he is bad. partly it was my fault for putting on hope... although he had said the things that men should be saying... or normally say... errmmm is it getting complicated?? heh.. heh... women are complicated :P i actually had this conversation with AD yesterday, and somehow it did bring me down and had me worried. i had my gym session yesterday after office... and it just blurt out of me.. that MB asked us out to join him and his gf. and AD's expression was like... 'oh ok...' the question that i threw to AD was, why? why suddenly he asked? maybe he feels that i am okay now? has he actually asked his gf before he asked us? hmmm too many questions, i know.. but its all playing in my head. and AD was nagging to me yesterday... that just pissed me off. :P and that gave me the opportunity to practice my karate skills on him... ahahaha... naahhh just a lil punch here and there... :P cant even beat him okay!

ahhhh.... i better go now... :(

the mini reunion

- 2nd aug 08 at crown princess

got an email few weeks back.. asking if i wanna join for a mini gathering. all girls, no hubbys, bfs, exbfs, kids allowed. i was afraid to reply back to the email, coz i am not sure if i can make it that day... but SS called and i just could not say no... :) and... after attending the session, i knew i would have regretted it if i did not go!!

it was a wonderful feeling meeting the girls back after many many many years.... almost 19 years??!! all of us sat at the same table... everyone was talking and laughing with each other at the same time.. i was the first to arrive... so, i had more time to give out the lil door gifts i got for every one of them... yes... Xango singles of course!! :)

topic discussed were... the school days, all the mommies talk, jobs... etc... and we are actually preparing for our 20th year reunion next year! and i am so looking forward for that :)

hey girls.... i really had fun.... hope you girls did too!! :)

Monday, August 4, 2008

cycling in putrajaya

currently my brain is going through a bad traffic!! just had to take a short break for a while. too much craps.. so... lets blog!!!

i accomplished a lot of things in 1 day yesterday -
  • i helped my parents - entertaining the guests from bandung
  • took the guests for a quick shopping in klcc
  • i signed up 2 people from bandung for xango! wwwuuuhhhuuuuu...
  • went cycling, fulfilling joey's request and having a great time in putrajaya with joelis
the day started really early at home yesterday. all parents for the kids from bandung came to our house for breakfast. so, we sort of had a garden party for breakfast. :) we had more than 40 people at home in the morning. had a mini juice party... and i really had fun promoting and talking about xango. they were excited about the mangosteen juice that i introduced yesterday. in fact, they wanted 3 boxes to be brought back to bandung, unfortunately the office was closed on sunday, so i could not get them the boxes. so, they just signed up, and i am ordering the juice for them! yey!!

by 1pm drove to klia with 3 parents and joelis in the car. sent them off back to bandung. had lunch in klia. food was okay at the food court. looking at my watch, it was already 230pm. AD was already at the lcct. we were supposed to pick him up at 3pm and go for our cycling.. hmmm.. decided to smsed AD to warn him that we may need more time. joelis dont seem want to move from klia until the kids are off. so, i decided to pick up AD first... said my goodbyes to some of the parents, teachers and kids and drove to lcct to pick up AD. drove back to klia... by then, joelis were already ready.

reached putrajaya at 5pm. left only 1 hour for the bicycle ride. whoaaa... it was really tiring... riding up the really steep hills that we had to push our bicycles!! i dont remember the last time i ride a bicycle. hahahah LOL... :D and... guess what.... i left my camera with my mom!! so, had to use the phone camera.. so, please dont expect a real good pics huh... :)

half way up the hills!

taking a short break at the time whatever you call that!

scaring joey who is afraid of heights!! hehehhe :D

AD and joelis

joelis and i... our crazy pose!!

we really had fun!! took pictures... in and out the tunnel at the botani park. after that... we had a nice early dinner at the putrajaya seafood restaurant. the food was okay lah... my tomyam was not that great but AD's fried rice and joelis' meehoon cantonese style were delicious!!

by the time we got home, it was almost 9pm... quickly took shower.. and by 11pm... i dozed off!

Friday, August 1, 2008

keep me energized!

puhleezzzz.... :( here i am resting - after running up and down.. at the office.. keep my brain working non stop - with lots of different issues on my desk - calls coming in - emails to be answered - booth to be monitored - joelis to handle

and now, i am feeling that my battery is going flat. no!! cant be... keep me energized... i just cant go down now... :( i cant... uurgghhh... joey has been calling me at the office today... as usual arguing with lisa. i was trying to keep myself composed, while handling some other issues at the office at the same time. i wish i have more quality time with joelis. i wish i can be home more often. although their crankiness can drive me up the wall! but... those are the things that makes me smile, when i am tired. those are the things that made me miss them when i get extremely busy at the office. oh well... dont push it kids... mommy has only little energy left!!! please dont challenge me... and i mean it :P

i just feel like shutting down now... but i wanted to let it all out. i know, when i read this again tomorrow.. or the next day.. i will not understand what i had just written! LOL... :D

have a good weekend everyone.. :) and i will make my weekend wonderful too :*

have i done enough?

how much are you willing to sacrifice? sometimes we think we have sacrificed enough, but the other party will feel it is enough for them. be it your parents, kids, friends, or partners. i have always asked myself:

have i done enough for my parents?
sometimes i feel i have, but most of the time i feel that i have not. but from them, they have done a lot for me and my joelis especially! and i just cant think of ways to pay back their kindness except for praying for their best of health and happiness... at least as of yesterday, i knew my parents are happy...heh heh... N3 knows too!! kekekeks :D but at least i hope they know that i try my best to give them what i can.. :( i know i can provide more - just that the time is not now... have not reached the target yet..

have i done enough for my joelis?
honestly... no! that is how i personally feel. i want to do more for them.. i want to give them what they deserved. whatever that i have done for them, i feel like its only the 1st layer... i know i can give more... love, time, financially, place to stay, a person whom they can really call dad...?? errkkss.. etc...

have i done enough for my partner?


sorry guys. dont mean to start the weekend with something sad, but that is the reality. this weekend will be the last weekend being with the kids from bandung. and our house will be quiet again. well, not that quiet :P but since there will be less 5 boys in the house, joelis will start to be lonely again. :) for the past few weeks joelis have been having great times with the kids. they played badminton together, monopoly, game of life, poison box... etc... and this sunday we will be sending them off to klia. we hope, they have gained good and beautiful experience here in malaysia, and may Allah swt bless them all. :)