Friday, July 4, 2008

time bomb

hehehe :D what a title! anyway, before it explodes, i'd better have my therapy. -- blogging -- yeahhh!!!

the company's event is on!! postponed to 3 weeks later... somewhere in august. which means i will be extremely busy. yeaa right... still have time to write in my blog? of course!! this is my therapy, i dont want to explode! errr.. talking nonsense now.

my head is also full with my plans with xango... going faster... and faster... and trust me.. once i am on it, it gets easier and more and more exciting!! especially when we have good leaders in the team who does all the thinking and planning.. all we need to do is 'duplicate'! and waahlaaaa..

this weekend is going to be a very busy weekend for me, AD and joelis. AD has been very busy for the past few days.. and he has been sweet to help me out too. lisa is away for her school trip for the weekend. oh yes, this morning went to joelis' school to pick up their report cards. i was very shocked (happy shock) to know that joey got no 1 in his class... and no 2 in the whole standard 2 students out of 426 students!! not bad at all. lisa got no 9 in her class... still in the top 10 student. i was quite worried coz she has been quite playful lately... but hey... she did better this time... and she will be better next time :) and i know i am going to miss lisa a lot when she is away for her school trip and she's not allowed to bring her handphone :(... and tomorrow... i will take joey wherever i go :) he is stuck with me! heheheh :D