Monday, July 28, 2008

teambuilding at jeram besu

okay... most of the people are gone! home.. :P except me..coz i am still waiting for this guy to confirm with me on the area that i can put up my booth tomorrow morning. well anyway... lets ramble.. i'd like to start with, i like what my lil sister wrote in her blog... errmmm its N4.. N3 doesnt write blogs... she just comments - being an english lecturer... duhhh... guess she doesnt realize that people who blogs, just write whats in their head... err... grammar..maybe secondary :P hahaha...

i just got back from a teambulding weekend at jeram besu. had loads of fun... flying fox, abseiling, crawling in the cave and white water rafting... aahhh... it was so much fun!!! just love all those outdoors activities.. took a lot of pictures.. mostly using my roomate's camera, coz my camera was too sensitive.. the lense got dirty.. and ended up i had pictures with spots on them! :( and we had lots of durians and mangosteen! there are so much things to tell but i am so tired now... how?? just enjoy the pics la okay... when i have more time, i will write more...

and i wonder when... :)

p/s: i know i am stressed right now as i have a few ulcers in my mouth :(

in our room...

at the cave entrance

durian party!!

the clan before water rafting

love the jeep!!