Thursday, July 31, 2008

panic button!!!

ein is panicking... the heart is beating faster and faster... there are tonnes of things to do. i have not stopped working since morning. from one meeting after another. letters coming in.. my team members coming in and out asking for advises.. gosh... discussions with the boss... whoaa... how did i managed to do all these??!! i was amazed with myself today... really do.. and i managed to focus at work.. and no writing blogs in between... heh heh ... :P and on top... i would look like that if i were a froggie... hahahaha LOL..

missed my joelis.. i was going too fast today that i just needed a short break.. picked up the phone beside me and called home. heard his naughty voice.. it already made me smile. and my mind got rested for a while. after talking nonsense with him, continued my work again.

N3 smsed me in the morning with something funny... hehehehe :D just want to jot this down so that some day when i read this post again, i'll laugh... LOL... and so will N3... heh...heh... the word would be 'lubricant'... whoopppsss... :O and as i am typing this, i am still grinning... :D

AD gave me a sweet surprise yesterday evening. hehehe :D had a busy and full day yesterday... running up and down the office. by 5pm, i walked to the other building to order some sandwiches and curry puffs for our event next week. was about to leave the office when one of the technical staff called... one of our customers was angry... *gulp*... hmmm somehow i am off track here... hehehe :D as always. ahh cut the story short, it was already 530pm, and i was going to meet the customer. i was fasting yesterday and already told AD that i cant meet him as i want to break my fast at home with joelis. and so... he came to me.. :D called me up, and within minutes, he turned up at the stesen sentral. and he bought me 2 tops... heh.. heh.. :D well, it was sweet of him actually.

i got home later, a bit late coz my tyre was punctured. so, got home 10 minutes after maghrib. had good food.. and too tired to do anything. layan N3 for awhile with her excitement about facebook.. hehehe facebook virgin, biasa lah.. :P really miss AD... :D oh yes... i remembered his comment yesterday that makes me a bit sad. so.. last night, i just felt like cutting my hair. :O yeahh yeahh yeahh.. its not relevant but thats what i do when i am sad. i will do something with my hair. so... i went to cut my hair accompanied by lisa because my donggoi sister just told a ghost story!! .. now its 4 inches shorter!! but... i can still blow curl, so, okay lah... slept just after 10pm..