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by - July 20, 2008

of all days, why do i choose to go to the dentist today? hee hee :D had late breakfast - after the 'funeral' for my dad's rooster. and as usual, sunday activity would be joelis' music class. N4 and i sent joelis earlier as N4 wanted to buy something at the shop and i thought of dropping by at the dentist... and ended up i got 2 jabs... on my gum... and it made my face numb for 2 hours!! alamak!! :O... by 155pm, we got back home and saw AD was already in front of our house. while joelis were having their mc donalds lunch... lisa planned something with AD... hmmmm...

by 300pm we drove to putrajaya. it was drizzling.. took the 5pm boat. it was okay la... nothing much to see.. heh.. heh... but it was the company that matters.. took lots of pictures... but of course, it would be more fun if lisa was with us. weird feeling that she did not come along... she insisted that we go without her, as she wanted to prepare something.. hmmm... surprise she said.. so, ok lah... after the boatride, we took more pictures and went sightseeing around putrajaya and also the housing area. sad to see that 80% of the houses were not well taken care of... if only i have a house there... it would be nice... spacious garden... and all... *sigh*

got home around 745pm.. i was really sleepy while driving back... and surprise!!! lisa prepared dinner!!! hmmm yummyyy.... more pictures in N4's camera... will let you know the link later okay.. :) and lisa had her solo performance - playing the guitar :) i wish i can play like her too... :P

love all the birthday presents... :) thank you all... really appreciate the gifts... :) :*

check out the album... :)

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