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by - July 20, 2008

the busy road: friday's traffic 2 days back was really really bad. i left my office around 6pm to meet up with AD at the pavillion... and, the drive from office to pavillion took me more than 1 hour! i was already tired and restless in the car.. decided to change the route.. went beside ubn tower.. turned right at the traffic light - and to just get stuck again! errgghhh... kl traffic!!! so, i parked my car at tgif and walked all the way to pavillion. with my laptop... as i was walking towards the bridge, already saw AD there in his orange tshirt.. hehehe.. :D well anyway, we did a lot of walking that night.. and our feet were crying!! hehehe.. and i was in my boots.. aahh.. should have changed into my sports shoes.. but hey.. looks are more important... LOL...

dead rooster: and this morning, my dad asked us to feed his chicken coz they are all going to malacca for a tour with the students from bandung. and we found my dad's rooster - dead!! so... you can guess what needed to be done.. :)

still tired after the digging... heheheh... ah well.. we are off to the rest of the day's activities now... will update more okay... so stay tuned :)

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