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Lisa's Birthday Celebration

by - July 25, 2008

it was a blast!!! did not planned that it was gonna be that fun and entertaining... well actually we were planning something simple.. the day started as usual actually. i took the day off yesterday but went to the office anyway to settle a few things. and plus joelis were in school anyway in the morning. by 1130am, went to klcc to buy lisa's birthday present and to book a place at cpk. smsed AD that we will meet him at klcc at 230pm. check out klcc if they have nice birthday cake... hmm saw secret recipe.. so - that is done! :) happily i drove home.

1245pm reached home.. relaxed for a while. by around 110pm, joelis came back from school. get them showered and change. i did the same too... left home around 210pm after prayers. by the time we got in klcc, AD was already there... as usual, he is punctual... and we try to be on time :P hahaha.. hey.. we have been on time okay!! give us some credit here!

we had lunch at cpk. as requested by birthday girl. :) the pizza was good... so were the 2 different kinds of pasta. but the egg role, i prefer chillis'. after lunch i got up to the counter to get dessert and asked the guy there to put a candle on the dessert. grrr... this is where the waitress spoiled the surprise! darn!!! she came in with the dessert without the candle!!! i looked at her and signaled her... and she looked back at me and said, 'owwhh... the candle!' and lisa heard that!! ggrrr... and lisa smiled and said, 'she blew the surprise ma..' and i went... 'hmmm'... 'its okay ma... i've guessed it already' and she gave me a kiss. :) we gave lisa her birthday presents and cards... joey and i shared and got lisa a pair of earrings while AD got her a nice necklace.

by 330pm i smsed joelis' dad to tell him that we are at cpk. as usual, there wont be any response. hmmm... and lisa said, 'can i borrow your phone ma, i will call daddy'. meeting place changed to kinokuniya. so we went up to kino and i saw joelis' dad was already at the entrance near the escalator. but when he saw us, he just went in kino. so typical him - nowadays.. he did not even greet joelis. oh well... thats him.. whatever lah. after saying our goodbyes and made sure that joelis were already with their dad. AD and i proceed with our next mission - buying the birthday cake for the house last night. we went to secret recipe, bought everyone's favorite - choc banana. just wrote a simple few wording coz, we (N3 and i) wanna decorate the cake ourselves. with lots of kisses!! :)
went to ge mall to get some balloons for the house. 615pm reached home after sending AD back to his place. tables and chairs were already outside. kids were playing badminton. my mom and N3 were already home in the kitchen preparing some food. i went out with N3 to pick up sate and fried rice from the restaurant.

700pm got home again... prepared the food on the table while everyone else were praying at the living room. after i was done preparing, i joined the group to listen to some history stories about our prophet muhammad saw told by the ustaz.

900pm dinner started.. after all the prayers are over. lots of food on the table! and while having dinner, some of the boys were outside playing the guitar and sing. cake cutting session... joelis were surrounded by their cousins and the kids from bandung :) it was fun.. really!!
and later they had the performance. it was very entertaining that i cant describe how wonderful the feeling was. joelis enjoyed themselves.

1030pm my mom had to end the night.. hehee... because everyone needs to wake up early for school this morning. :) otherwise... we could have continued!!! check out the album for more pics.

and AD missed all the fun... :( oh well.... he must be tired after so many parties and eating at our place :D

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