Friday, July 18, 2008


... it was almost 5pm.. suddenly i felt light headed... is that term correct? err... my head felt light. :) and my vision towards my laptop on my desk became blurry.. felt like vomiting too. shuckks... whats going on?? i have lots of work to do. cant afford to get sick now. and at that moment, i knew i wont be able to drive home. and i have promised lisa that i will be home by maghrib. *think ein... think... and fast!!* i said to myself.

smsed N3 and check where she was... cheerfully she said... 'i am in front of the gate' *sigh* there goes my hope.. 'go and call N4' she said... and in my thought... knowing N4, she must have plans already after work. and *sigh* true enough... she had something on, a course or something... my tummy did not feel good... :( smsed AD... and surprisingly, he said he will come to fetch me? hmmm... but i thought he has a trainee on his schedule at 7pm or something. but... ahh... whatever lah... i just cant think straight at that moment. if he wants to come, let him think how he is gonna send me home. hehehe :D while waiting for him, i have been visiting the restroom 3 times.. that is less than an hour. gosshh... i wish i have my xango with me now!!! *in my thoughts at that time*

AD reached my office around 630pm... and later he drove me home.. i let him make the plans as i dont feel like thinking? :( hmm he has to be in dsara heights for his trainee at 815... and by the time we left my office, it was 650pm... so.. bla.. bla... and we were lucky that the road was clear, there was traffic, but it was flowing. reached my housing area just around 710pm.. he drove till the lrt station where he can straight away take an lrt to kl sentral.. well, yeahh... knowing AD, his nagging about malaysian drivers are.. ermmm... i closed my eyes and just let him blabber himself... heh.. heh... and what i said to him was, 'drive more often, and you'll get used to malaysian drivers' and that made him quiet for a while... hehehe :D

got home... went straight away to the kitchen as i know just what i needed... yeup!! my xango!! took a small glass of xango... went upstairs... fallen asleep in the room.. got up just before 8pm.. smsed AD and check if he made it on time to the gym.. *thank God, he did*.. showered, prayed... and went donwstairs for dinner... and took another small glass of xango. aahh.. felt much better!! had a chit chat with N3.. while waiting for my 9pm meeting. LF came... gave him his cheque.. we shared interesting stories about xango. how his cousin who had a fall and was not able to walk, or talk... but managed to do that after drinking a bottle of xango??!! was that a coincidence?? hmmmm... if it is so, alhamdulillah... xango has done it again, of course dgn izin Allah swt. we have heard a lot of testimonials about how xango has helped people who had stroke. in my own experience, i have had 2 testimonials. look it out in the internet how it helps... and you will find them... as for me, as long as i can keep myself and my whole family healthy, insyaAllah... i dont mind investing.

and this morning, before i leave the house, had my usual small glass of xango... and here i am in the office, feeling great! and looking forward for another busy day - with a smile on my face :)

p/s: what actually happened??? was it food poisoning...? hmmmm.... i wonder