Tuesday, July 15, 2008

excellent retreat!

no words can describe how i feel at the moment... relieved, relaxed, satisfied... and all the above or whatever nice words that you readers can think of. i just got back from the long awaiting diving trip.. and this time, we, ally and my boss, went to tioman. it was sort of last minute thingy.. we confirmed on everything about 2 weeks before the actual date. we really want to go diving this time!! no matter what... even if it is gonna be just the 2 of us - ally and i... and we were relieved that my boss invited us to join him and his family in his car. otherwise, we both were gonna take a longgggg bus ride. :P

it took us almost 5 hours drive from kl to mersing. the road was dark and scary... no road lights!! can you imagine that... and it was misty... i did not like what i saw on the way to mersing. i myself was shocked... looked at it again.. yeup... 3 of 'em.. on my right, in the middle of the road on the divider. and as i was breathing slowly... relieved, saw another one... white this time, on the left side of the quiet road beside the signboard... i did not mention anything to anyone in the car. did not want anybody to panic. and plus, we had 2 small children in the car.
just after midnight, we reached mersing.. looked for a budget hotel for us to take a nap. checked in at d-view hotel. a new hotel, not bad at all.. for rm90/night. spacious room and clean bathroom. after settling down in the room..... received an sms from AD... he has fallen asleep on his couch.. i gave him a quick phone call.. just to wish him good night :) i fell asleep soon after - looking forward to the next day! and i have forgotten of what i saw... earlier that night :O

whoooppsss... i have to go for my netball now people.... will continue soon! ;)