Thursday, July 17, 2008


swamped: thats the word that i can think of this morning. despite having soooooooo many things to do, it just doesnt stop me from blogging. if i dont write i wont be able to concentrate, thus it will put some things in my head on hold. ahhh excuses.. some may say... but hey... that is me :)

joy: i was smiling while driving to work this morning. remembered the moment with AD last night. somehow i had a bit of tummy discomfort. AD was in the kitchen to make himself his last shake for the day. i was thinking of saying something to him. somehow when he got back to me, i forgot what i wanted to say. it goes something like this:

me: alamak sayang... i was thinking of telling you something la just now, but now i forgot.
AD: hey.. me too.. i was doing my shake.. and i wanted to say something, but when i turned, i dont remember.
me: hehehe :D really?
AD: yeahh..
me: what is it about?
AD: nothing about work...
me: *with my wide smile - i gave him this naughty remark* waaaaa... this is something new..!!
AD: huh???
me: you?? want to talk to me about something else but work... wowwwww... :P
AD: *gave me his finger* and chuckled..
me: serious sayang... :P * still teasing him*
AD: dont you like talking about xango?
me: of course i do.. :)
AD: so..?
me: nothing laaa...
AD: *giggling* hey... you should be happy that we can talk..
me: what do you mean?
AD: some people in marriage, they cant talk to each other..
me: jajaja (read as ya ya ya) i am not complaining la sayang...
AD: hehehehe :D now we can talk - okay la...
me: ok lah ok lah... :D

and last night we both have forgotten what we wanted to say to each other... heh.. heh .. :D