avoid buri tara resort - krabi!

as promised, to the 'owner' of Buri Tara Resort, my new friends met in Krabi. this is the review of Buri Tara Resort that i promised to put up in my blog, with the hope that it will help travelers out there to be careful, NOT to put their valuables in the so-called safe deposit box in the room especially when the hotel's staffs cannot be trusted. click below for more review on the hotel. and my review was the latest posted there.


the above are pictures of the safe deposit box after the 'CSI' came to the room and check the finger prints on the safe deposit box. what amuses us most is that, they did not even take my finger prints to compare... hmmmm... strange isnt?

updated 29th May 2012: below is the snapshot of my review. 


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