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panic button!!!

ein is panicking... the heart is beating faster and faster... there are tonnes of things to do. i have not stopped working since morning. from one meeting after another. letters coming in.. my team members coming in and out asking for advises.. gosh... discussions with the boss... whoaa... how did i managed to do all these??!! i was amazed with myself today... really do.. and i managed to focus at work.. and no writing blogs in between... heh heh ... :P and on top... i would look like that if i were a froggie... hahahaha LOL..

missed my joelis.. i was going too fast today that i just needed a short break.. picked up the phone beside me and called home. heard his naughty voice.. it already made me smile. and my mind got rested for a while. after talking nonsense with him, continued my work again.

N3 smsed me in the morning with something funny... hehehehe :D just want to jot this down so that some day when i read this post again, i'll laugh... LOL... and so will N3... heh...heh... th…

a bit of everything

i just feel like writing something. but i dont know what. or there are too many to write that i dont know how to segregate them :P

received an email from MB last week. he just wanted to say hi.. and at the same time, he invited us for dinner or a drink. and i was too busy to even reply to his email. it is kind of awkward if i were to accept the invitation. just had to clear my mind before i reply his email. and few days later, after the weekend, i replied saying that we, AD and i have been too busy with work that we hardly go out and have fun. so, he can let us know what are the dates and see if it matches our time. and then, there was silence. knowing MB, he may be waiting for the right time, or the idea just went off from his system :) and me, i have not asked AD yet, coz i dont know how to. and after asking a few good friends, they'd told me not to.. hmmm

am i beautiful?... i am just tired of people saying.. 'hey you are beautiful'... like.. duhhh... i am not saying this …


i just cant stop myself from pouring out my frustration. we are organizing and sponsoring an event but i am so frustrated with the society that we are supporting. they are really taking us on a free ride. story goes like this, we opened up a booth for our company and that society too to create awareness and give exposure for that society. it has already agreed that they will send their rep to man the booth and we have our rep. they came for the first day yesterday, and later they just informed me that they are busy for something that there wont be any rep from their side to man the booth for today and tomorrow. when i spent a few minutes with them yesterday at the booth, all they know was complaining while seating there - looking bored. come on... if you sit there looking bored, of course no one will want to approach your booth! hmmm... and they have been charging us like crazy for the event there... tak pe laa... i guess this is going to be our first and last dealing with that societ…

end of today

feeling so exhausted today. today is full of running up and down.. busy setting up the booth for our upcoming event in kuala selangor. making sure that the balloons are on time. tshirts delivery. farewell lunch with some bosses and colleagues. and back to checking on the balloons' guys.. *sigh* but all in all... i am satisfied! had a good lunch at tupai2... nyummm nyumm.. went to the clinic.. had this weird problems after eating durian...

the lunch at tupai2

preparing the balloons

our customer service centre/counter after decorated

a different angle of our office... nice huh :)

aahhhh i just love my job!!!

okay joelis... i am coming home now... no netball today... and i will be home earlier :) see you soon :*

his turn will come

i received a letter from his lawyer yesterday, and somehow it made me laugh. :) silly... and funny.. a father who refused to be responsible with his children's medical, and clothings.... and i did not need to mention food. he refused to pay up for his children's educational fund and his reasons was, 'it is not a must in islam'??? and when i got up this morning before i went for shower, i was talking to my younger sister about this, N3. and lisa was listening.. suddenly she chuckled... and with her cool face expression, she said 'since when is daddy being islamic anyway??!!' oucchhh.... that is a real snap man!! but whatever it is, for joelis' rights, i shall fight to the end!!

teambuilding at jeram besu

okay... most of the people are gone! home.. :P except me..coz i am still waiting for this guy to confirm with me on the area that i can put up my booth tomorrow morning. well anyway... lets ramble.. i'd like to start with, i like what my lil sister wrote in her blog... errmmm its N4.. N3 doesnt write blogs... she just comments - being an english lecturer... duhhh... guess she doesnt realize that people who blogs, just write whats in their head... err... grammar..maybe secondary :P hahaha...

i just got back from a teambulding weekend at jeram besu. had loads of fun... flying fox, abseiling, crawling in the cave and white water rafting... aahhh... it was so much fun!!! just love all those outdoors activities.. took a lot of pictures.. mostly using my roomate's camera, coz my camera was too sensitive.. the lense got dirty.. and ended up i had pictures with spots on them! :( and we had lots of durians and mangosteen! there are so much things to tell but i am so tired now... how?? …

is God testing me - again? :(

people face new challenges everyday.
i have learned that there are no mistakes, they are just lessons to be learned.
hmmmm does that statement make sense?
people will face repeated/more challenges until they have learned their lessons.

and i am facing a different challenges now... darnnn!!! my trip plans will go down the drain!!

Lisa's Birthday Celebration

it was a blast!!! did not planned that it was gonna be that fun and entertaining... well actually we were planning something simple.. the day started as usual actually. i took the day off yesterday but went to the office anyway to settle a few things. and plus joelis were in school anyway in the morning. by 1130am, went to klcc to buy lisa's birthday present and to book a place at cpk. smsed AD that we will meet him at klcc at 230pm. check out klcc if they have nice birthday cake... hmm saw secret recipe.. so - that is done! :) happily i drove home.

1245pm reached home.. relaxed for a while. by around 110pm, joelis came back from school. get them showered and change. i did the same too... left home around 210pm after prayers. by the time we got in klcc, AD was already there... as usual, he is punctual... and we try to be on time :P hahaha.. hey.. we have been on time okay!! give us some credit here!

we had lunch at cpk. as requested by birthday girl. :) the pizza was good... so were…

Lisa is 11 today!!

happy birthday my dear lisa... she turns 11 today... :) oh my ... how time flies... i took the day off today so that i can have more time to be with her and joey.. ermmm and what i am doing now at the ofc?? err... work people... :P okay... okay.. i am going off now... and will update more about our celebration!!

stay tuned!!! bubyeeee
of all days, why do i choose to go to the dentist today? hee hee :D had late breakfast - after the 'funeral' for my dad's rooster. and as usual, sunday activity would be joelis' music class. N4 and i sent joelis earlier as N4 wanted to buy something at the shop and i thought of dropping by at the dentist... and ended up i got 2 jabs... on my gum... and it made my face numb for 2 hours!! alamak!! :O... by 155pm, we got back home and saw AD was already in front of our house. while joelis were having their mc donalds lunch... lisa planned something with AD... hmmmm...

by 300pm we drove to putrajaya. it was drizzling.. took the 5pm boat. it was okay la... nothing much to see.. heh.. heh... but it was the company that matters.. took lots of pictures... but of course, it would be more fun if lisa was with us. weird feeling that she did not come along... she insisted that we go without her, as she wanted to prepare something.. hmmm... surprise she said.. so, ok lah... after t…


the busy road: friday's traffic 2 days back was really really bad. i left my office around 6pm to meet up with AD at the pavillion... and, the drive from office to pavillion took me more than 1 hour! i was already tired and restless in the car.. decided to change the route.. went beside ubn tower.. turned right at the traffic light - and to just get stuck again! errgghhh... kl traffic!!! so, i parked my car at tgif and walked all the way to pavillion. with my laptop... as i was walking towards the bridge, already saw AD there in his orange tshirt.. hehehe.. :D well anyway, we did a lot of walking that night.. and our feet were crying!! hehehe.. and i was in my boots.. aahh.. should have changed into my sports shoes.. but hey.. looks are more important... LOL...

dead rooster: and this morning, my dad asked us to feed his chicken coz they are all going to malacca for a tour with the students from bandung. and we found my dad's rooster - dead!! so... you can guess what needed to …

apa erti rindu

cisss.... emo pulak tetiba... macam siot jerss.... :P


... it was almost 5pm.. suddenly i felt light headed... is that term correct? err... my head felt light. :) and my vision towards my laptop on my desk became blurry.. felt like vomiting too. shuckks... whats going on?? i have lots of work to do. cant afford to get sick now. and at that moment, i knew i wont be able to drive home. and i have promised lisa that i will be home by maghrib. *think ein... think... and fast!!* i said to myself.

smsed N3 and check where she was... cheerfully she said... 'i am in front of the gate' *sigh* there goes my hope.. 'go and call N4' she said... and in my thought... knowing N4, she must have plans already after work. and *sigh* true enough... she had something on, a course or something... my tummy did not feel good... :( smsed AD... and surprisingly, he said he will come to fetch me? hmmm... but i thought he has a trainee on his schedule at 7pm or something. but... ahh... whatever lah... i just cant think straight at that moment. if h…


swamped: thats the word that i can think of this morning. despite having soooooooo many things to do, it just doesnt stop me from blogging. if i dont write i wont be able to concentrate, thus it will put some things in my head on hold. ahhh excuses.. some may say... but hey... that is me :)

joy: i was smiling while driving to work this morning. remembered the moment with AD last night. somehow i had a bit of tummy discomfort. AD was in the kitchen to make himself his last shake for the day. i was thinking of saying something to him. somehow when he got back to me, i forgot what i wanted to say. it goes something like this:

me: alamak sayang... i was thinking of telling you something la just now, but now i forgot.
AD: hey.. me too.. i was doing my shake.. and i wanted to say something, but when i turned, i dont remember.
me: hehehe :D really?
AD: yeahh..
me: what is it about?
AD: nothing about work...
me: *with my wide smile - i gave him this naughty remark* waaaaa... this is something new..!…

can i do it my way?

i was quite .. err well.. not upset, but more of disturbed with what AD said yesterday. some people work differently. i know that the team is working hard on this, and it is working although there are some people out there who still do not understand how simple the system is, only if they act on it, just duplicate... all are ready and prepared, we just need to duplicate the system. that is all. well, what disturbed me yesterday was when AD mentioned something about me (or maybe other people - so he said) going off for holidays all the time. so what if i go for holidays? i still do what i needed to do. i needed break once in a while. i needed break to be alone. i needed break to be with my family and i needed break to be with joelis. and... i dont think i made other people's life miserable by going for my holidays. i work hard to get where i am right now. and i have my passion too... i love outdoor activities... i.e. my netball, my dancercise... and most of all now, my diving or wh…

excellent retreat!

no words can describe how i feel at the moment... relieved, relaxed, satisfied... and all the above or whatever nice words that you readers can think of. i just got back from the long awaiting diving trip.. and this time, we, ally and my boss, went to tioman. it was sort of last minute thingy.. we confirmed on everything about 2 weeks before the actual date. we really want to go diving this time!! no matter what... even if it is gonna be just the 2 of us - ally and i... and we were relieved that my boss invited us to join him and his family in his car. otherwise, we both were gonna take a longgggg bus ride. :P
it took us almost 5 hours drive from kl to mersing. the road was dark and scary... no road lights!! can you imagine that... and it was misty... i did not like what i saw on the way to mersing. i myself was shocked... looked at it again.. yeup... 3 of 'em.. on my right, in the middle of the road on the divider. and as i was breathing slowly... relieved, saw another one... whit…

can i strangle him?

yeup.. this is what i feel like doing right now. i can feel the/my blood goes up to my head... warm.. and my fingers are getting chilled for keeping my errmmm... not to say anger, but.. more of exasperate! yess... and i just needed to look up into my dictionary for that word! ahahh.. or maybe the bahasa word could sound better i.e. geram!! iigghhh.... can i do that... just pinch him, or maybe punch him.. or karate him or anything like that??!! aarrgghhh.... AD!!!!!!
he can be so sweet at times, funny most of the time, loving.. serious.. when it comes about work and fitness... but the other day... it was just.. aarrgghhh... and when he knew it was his mistake... he had this guilt on his face but want to act macho at the same time.. can you visualize that kind of face expression?? ..and when i asked him directly straight to his face... i can see that his face showed 'oh shite!' LOL... and today he is doing it again!!! not the same mistake but still... double uuaarrghhh... dushh d…

time bomb

hehehe :D what a title! anyway, before it explodes, i'd better have my therapy. -- blogging -- yeahhh!!!

the company's event is on!! postponed to 3 weeks later... somewhere in august. which means i will be extremely busy. yeaa right... still have time to write in my blog? of course!! this is my therapy, i dont want to explode! errr.. talking nonsense now.

my head is also full with my plans with xango... going faster... and faster... and trust me.. once i am on it, it gets easier and more and more exciting!! especially when we have good leaders in the team who does all the thinking and planning.. all we need to do is 'duplicate'! and waahlaaaa..

this weekend is going to be a very busy weekend for me, AD and joelis. AD has been very busy for the past few days.. and he has been sweet to help me out too. lisa is away for her school trip for the weekend. oh yes, this morning went to joelis' school to pick up their report cards. i was very shocked (happy shock) to know that…

avoid buri tara resort - krabi!

as promised, to the 'owner' of Buri Tara Resort, my new friends met in Krabi. this is the review of Buri Tara Resort that i promised to put up in my blog, with the hope that it will help travelers out there to be careful, NOT to put their valuables in the so-called safe deposit box in the room especially when the hotel's staffs cannot be trusted. click below for more review on the hotel. and my review was the latest posted there.


the above are pictures of the safe deposit box after the 'CSI' came to the room and check the finger prints on the safe deposit box. what amuses us most is that, they did not even take my finger prints to compare... hmmmm... strange isnt?

updated 29th May 2012: below is the snapshot of my review. 

one of the days

as i am typing this... my tongue still hurts because of the hot maggie mee that i ate yesterday for tea. grr...rrrr.. i ate too little during lunch and i was afraid that i would tremble during my netball training.. but.. now it hurts my tongue... hmmmm.. well anyway, had a good training session.. although was really panting like crazy!!! and our netball manager took a good video too!

saw an x5 (my dream car... errr... one of them) broke down on the way home from netball yesterday.. with its front boot open.. smoke coming out from the engine area and it made me think... hmmm expensive car.. and still giving problems... *roll of eyes* hehehehe.. oh yes... not forgetting nice single digit plate number *sigh*

and this morning.. lisa asked for extra rm1 coz she lost her bet on germany... ehhehehee... hmmm... nope, not giving her the extra rm1... not for that purpose!

liars are everywhere.. sometimes white lies are needed.. although i dont agree with it, but i guess, you/we/me will need it so…