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the wedding, our family day, fab party

by - June 26, 2008

hmm goshh... i am putting everything together now! :D hehehe

being away for almost 3 full days without joelis really makes me misses them so much. so, no matter what, i would always make it an effort to cover back the times that i have been away or too busy with work. well, i may not be purrfect but i know that i do spend quality times with my darling joelis.

sunday 22nd june 2008. lisa requested for a swim session. so, i told AD that he did not have to take the lrt to our place after his work. joelis and i went to his place right after music class.. and i really enjoyed watching joelis and AD in the pool.. hehehe... AD was attacked by joelis in the pool!! and 1 and a half hour later, we went upstairs, watched jumanji together and played cards.. went home just before 7pm.

last saturday, 21st june 2008 was lisa's fav teacher's wedding day. and lisa insisted to get something from la senza for her beautiful teacher reen. Reen was really beautiful that day... i am not saying that because she's lisa's fav teacher, but as a person, she is beautiful already inside. she has been very lovely to both joelis. joelis were really excited on the day of the wedding. and lisa wrapped the gift herself. :) Reen looked like a barbie doll princess with her sweet pink wedding dress. her make up was not too thick - and it was just nice.. :) lisa took good pics too. and as the bride and groom walked in the hall... as usual... i will get emotional. not sad emotional.. but to me, a marriage is something very special and precious and it just hit me.. on weddings, especially if the person who's getting married is someone dear to me or my joelis. we wish Reen all the best, and may Allah bless her with lots of happiness and beauty in the marriage and wonderful future ahead of her.

we rushed to the office just in case the presentation is still on. and.. what did we do yeahh?? hmmm... we went somewhere... but .. i dont remember where.. ohh.. ok... we went to ampang park to buy new pair of shoes for lisa, and later had our tea at cosy corner. just love the egg sandwiches!! its the best people!! i was feeling really tired. maybe because the day before we just got back from krabi and on saturday was a full day.

fathers' day 15th june 2008: joelis woke up early in the morning asking if they can call AD that day. so since i knew that AD has his gym in the morning i smsed him first to check if he can spare 5 mins. AD straight away called my handphone.. :) and joelis were already ready to scream... 'happy fathers' day'... and.. we can hear that AD's voice was err stumbling.. hehehe.. he did not expect that, he giggled .. joelis were really happy that day. after music class... all of us, AD, joelis, my 2 younger sisters and dad went to play kite in kepong... oh yes.. AD made a request for me to cook for him something.. so the easiest that came in my head was nasi goreng seafood. and my sister, N3 made some choc muffin - her specialty. it was heaven!!! food... kite-ing... seeing my youngest sister tumbling rolling in the middle of the field... hahha LOL... oh well... and as long as i see joelis are happy... it just melt my heart :) you can see more pics here.

xango 1st anniversary party, 13th june 2008: the best party ever!!! i dont remember the last time that i went to a happening party like that. i had fun with loads of fun people around, exciting people, friendly and lovely... and most of all of course the nice bunch of people in our team - the x1 concept!! i had to rush from the office as i had a meeting right after lunch. and later rushed to klcc to do my hair and make-up.. yeahh... as expected, AD didnt like what i did to my face... he he he :D 'thats too much sweetheart'... and i went 'this is night make up okay... it will look nice in pictures..' and for a while, that short conversation did bring down my excitement for a while. and thanks to dee and naefi who cheered me up again.. :* i really had a good time dancing with dee and tina that night. it was like.. i felt like .. i havent been dancing for ages!!! and of course i get a chance to dance with AD :D although i was feeling a bit awkward because of the crowd.. hhehe :D well anyway... the food was not so nice.. some are okay... the band -->> of course... dadza band!!! they were superb... and when i saw them.. i was extra excited... and i went to AD.. 'sayang... my friends are here!! dadza band!!!' and AD went, 'yea yea.. i know.. i wanted to tell you about them but i forgot!!' .. duhhhh.... but hey.. it was a very nice surprise indeed!! more xango pics here..

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