Sunday, June 22, 2008

our trip to krabi

krabi.... we both have never been there - to thailand.. and krabi was something that we planned in a spur of time. the 3 days 2 nights stay in krabi was full of adventure so to speak. i took the opportunity to really take a break... relax.. and enjoying the moment there with AD and - we did a lot of walking! and do i miss my joelis? of course... but sometimes, i need my time too and i believe joelis understand :) well, anyway, for a person who doesnt walk that much... hmm i felt like my feet were telling me, 'stop walking pleaaseee....' hehhehe :D a bit of exaggerating there :P

learnt something new from/about AD. and we, understand each other better. yes... everyday is a learning process for both of us. not trying to be mushy here, but hey - the reason why i go on this trip is to learn and understand about each other better, because i know, that in kl, 95% of our time spent together we only talk about work and 4% we talk about joelis and only 1% is left for me. other activities in krabi, of course, networking and get new acquaintances? :)

18th june: we arrived at krabi airport in the afternoon. the hotel was okay.. not as stunning as it is shown on the internet. took the first walking session to the beach. hmmm no white beach, we said to ourselves. lots of shops selling dresses, souvenirs, beach stuff etc.. we took some pics on the beach. i brought my mini tripod with me coz we sure needed it! AD took the chance to get himself tanned. we were thinking of going for the island hopping, but it was quite expensive, 2500 baht for 2 person. later, i got the idea of asking AD to stand far away from me, when i try to negotiate with the boatman. hhehee... the tips are, dont negotiate with a mat salleh beside you... or they'll cut your throat. :P hahaha.. and we succeed.. got a lower rate for a boat, just the 2 of us, well yeah... i wanted it to be a private time.. hee hee :D coz we want to just go wherever we want to go. we chose to go only to 2 islands.
anyway, after agreeing on the price, we walked back to the hotel. bought 2 sets of snorkeling gears and went back anxiously for our dinner prepared by the hotel. and yeup... enjoyed the food!! love the fish.. and the sotong, and the tom yam was superb.. and that was the first and last time that i had my food at the hotel's restaurant. :) why?? errmmm... because... because... heh.. heh... :D after dinner, we (AD, me and Alex) walked again to the small shops nearby and i looked for a new bikini... hehehe :D got 1 nice pair in blue. :) and AD got himself a sleeveless and new pair of shorts. that was when i found out that my money has gone missing from my wallet!! my mood was gone for a while.. but i think AD was more upset than i was :) the 3 of us decided to go back to the hotel and checked if i have misplaced my cash. well anyway... lets just forget about the missing cash first... to cut the story short, we ended up at the police station that night... 5 of us!!! another group of students just 2 rooms away lost their cash too and the same way... the thief just took half of what we have.. some in baht and some in RM. we had fun on the tuk tuk anyway... hehehe :D i have decided that i have been looking forward for this trip and will not let that incident bring me down... :) i just take it as fate.. just not my rezeki. after talking to the police, we went straight back to the hotel and sleep - looking forward to a great day on a boat trip!
19th june: i skipped breakfast at the hotel. AD had his breakfast there alone. and later he accompanied me to have my breakfast elsewhere. and i had my banana lassi and fried rice. AD said, the breakfast at the hotel was lousy anyway... so i did not miss anything. i made a few calls to the bank, called AA to help me get some numbers. i managed to withdraw some cash for spare. :) went to the mini market to get some snacks for the boat trip. by the time we got back at the hotel again, 2 policemen CSI were there with the hotel manager. *sigh* i just let them 'do their work' checking the fingerprints etc on the safe deposit box... you know when youve been watching the CSI too much, we tend to know what should be done and have not been done by the real CSI... its either they are stupid coz they think they can fool us. *sigh* but then again, i just let them think they have outsmart us lah...

by 1100am, our tuk tuk rider already arrived. took us to the jetty to his own boat for the trip. the weather was really hot. and AD took the chance to roast himself on the boat while i keep myself under the shade first.. hahaha :D lots of fish at the poda island. we took pictures.. :) AD got so excited with the tiger fish. :) we fed them with the biscuits that i bought. had lunch on the 1st island, before we left to see the chicken island and another island which i forgot what was its name... hahaha :D it rained for a while.. the tide was low.. we can actually walk from 1 island to another. if only my camera is water proof... how nice huh...

got back at the hotel by 330pm, i think... somehow in krabi, the time went really slow.. and it was very relaxing for us :) we took our own sweet time in whatever we do. went out again and walk... got hungry. found a muslim food stall... finally... with good food and cheaper. oh yes... if you think krabi is not expensive - you are wrong! it is expensive!. except the stunning tailored suitpants!! shuckkss.. i should have got 2 pairs!!! a pair for only rm250 babe!!! i had a delicious meal... kuey tiow ladna and AD had his tomyam gung i think.. hehe :D and that was about 530pm... by around 8pm, we went there again with Alex and his friend and i had the dessert - mango with sticky rice :P sslluurrppp...

after dinner, we walked again... looking around. wanted to rent the motorbike, but since we had to leave our passports... errmmm naahhhh... skip that one. AD stopped for his sugar free ice cream. and we bought some tshirts for joelis. sorry people, cant get souvenirs this time - coz my cash was stolen.

20th june: had breakfast... last minute shopping to finish up our baht. and head to the airport... and thats it?? now i felt time flies... :D i have turned brown and AD's back hurts for the sunburn.

i had a good time with AD... somehow i was really relieved that the questions in my head were answered during that trip. and as of now, i am very happy to be with AD. and we wish that all our dreams will come true.. :) every day is a learning process *wink*

and dont forget to come back okay... as i will write a special review on the resort/hotel that we stayed. you might wanna know details coz after knowing the whole story, you wont want to stay there!

so stay tuned... ein is signing off for her beauty sleep at 1210am :)