Friday, June 6, 2008

getaway - lumut

joelis and i are going to lumut today, for our weekend getaway - office sports carnival and family day. left the office early yesterday evening, did not plan to see AD but he offered to pick up my XanGo box from the office, so.. jumpa la sekejap. as i reached at his place, the traffic has started to be bad... met him at the gym coz he was training someone. and.. as usual, 'you dont want to do your gym?' he asked... and i went, 'errmmm i dont feel like it, i am going to drive tomorrow morning' (i thought that was powerful enough - excuse) hehehehe :D and 'only for 20 minutes huh... you need to run'... oh well.... i was out of excuses... so i went upstairs, changed into my gym clothes and there i was. :)

by 815pm i was already home. nice dinner... heh.. heh.. :D packed our clothes with joelis. 3 days 2 nights in lumut.. hmmmm there will be lots of pics.. stay tuned guys :) i might not be able to update my blog for the next 3 days okay. ;) beach games... lots of swimming - for joelis.. and hey wish me luck for our netball match this saturday okay!

till next time, ein is signing off - 800am.... nak mandi.... heh.. heh.. :P