Wednesday, June 11, 2008

feel the love

suddenly i miss my joelis. i know its pretty early in the morning.

me and my XanGo: got at the office by 8am. spent the whole drive to office listening to more CDs about the goodness of XanGo. i am getting more and more excited about it. i want to share all these information to everyone i know. its true what Dr. Ken Booster said in his CD... if you know something that can make the loved ones get better and when it becomes reality, you will feel good about yourself, especially when you have something to do with that! what is being presented are facts. based on medical research and they are just amazing!! and i am energized again... and more each day with all these knowledge that i gain.

lisa called me... with her excited voice yesterday during my lunch time. she just got back from school and she was so excited coz she got the autographs of the artists from akademi fantasia 07 and 08. hehehe :D wish you could hear her voice.. she met riz, nadia, mila..etc.. just right in front of her school.

miss my joey. i can still see his sad face this morning... his bag was too heavy! the roller doesnt help much.. lisa was already grumbling coz i make sure that every time she waits for her lil brother and walk together into the school gate. heh.. heh... lisa went up to joey and carried his bag for him. :)

AD and i. had my gym session again yesterday. already told AD that if i have my netball training, i will go for my gym session the next day - but no netball - so gym it is! before that i told AD in advance that i was not feeling so well... must be the air cond at the office. it was freezing cold!! who do they think we are??? dead meat in a freezer??? duhhhh... *roll of eyes* nevertheless had a fabulous day at the office. as i have said yesterday, i am going to move faster and i did. i talked to a few more people.. and i am getting positive response. and lovin it.. ooppss... off track a lil bit :P heh... heh... anyway, back to AD and i... got a nice message from him this morning and i am convinced again. you know, sometimes, a woman just need a simple 'hi sweety' and it makes her day! or just a 'yes sweetheart?' :) simple! see... it is not that difficult to satisfy or understand a woman, isnt?