Monday, June 9, 2008

fantastic weekend!

as predicted and expected, i was gonna have a fanta-bulous weekend!! the most important thing - we won netball!!! yezzaaa..... MBHQ netball team is the champion again this year... it was a good fair game. :) no fighting on the field this time... heh... heh... :D

i was supposed to drive but on friday morning when we arrived at the office, NSM was driving with a trainee in his car. so i thought why dont we car pool. we tried to arrange our bags in the car... and yessss.... they fit!! so, all of us, 4 adults and 2 kids in my mini mpv. okay laa... joey sat in the last seat.. and i was the co-driver. we watched 'duyung' all the way. it was a funny and relaxing movie.reached teluk batik at around 3pm. unload our bags to the room. i got a 1-room apartment for me and joelis. invited Widz to join us. it was spacious enough for 2 adults and 2 kids. that night joelis slept in the bedroom while Widz and i slept in the hall in front of the tv. after finished unloading, we drove to the beach where joey did not waste anymore time and ran into the sea! hmmmm... he got tanned pretty fast! lisa was not that bad. let joelis played for 1 and a half hour. we had to go back to the resort as Widz will be joining the bowling tourny. all of us went to give our support. and... Widz got first for single women bowler! hmmm not bad huh... :) tak sia-sia beli bola sendiri tu :D :P joey asked me, 'ma, why didnt you play bowling?' and i said, 'if i play, then i wont be able to enjoy my weekend with you and lisa. i will be too busy'. and he smiled :) we had our seafood dinner at around 11pm.. yeup... very late for me! but hey... i am on a break... so... enjoy!!

saturday: 2nd day at teluk batik. it was a relaxing day for us. joelis, widz and i. NSM went for football tourny. we chose to stay at the resort. joelis were in the pool since 9.15 until almost 11am. after lunch, we drove to the football field coz we heard that MBHQ football team got into the final. but... we got lost in the army camp... we could not find the right field. by the time we got there, they have finished playing :P hahaha..

got back to our apartment. rest for awhile, changed and drove back to army camp to play netball. it was really hot!!! and after the 2nd team played, it rained... so, okay lah... we played both in the hot sun and rain! it was fun!!!

dinner was okay. but food was too limited lah... many of us did not get enough food. the programme was a bit slow and quite boring to some. overall - sokay lah... :) and again, we drove to lumut town to have more food!! i had roti canai :P oh yes... NSM got lucky and won a hamper during lucky draw!! :D

sunday: got up early and left teluk batik by 10am. we wanted to avoid the bad traffic. was surprised that the road was quite clear. managed to reached kl by 2 and had our lunch at the sg buloh rest area. got at the office around 3 something, unload the bags to the cars... and i drove home with joelis. relaxed for awhile, and decided to call my beautician for my facial.. hahaha :D AD smsed before that and said to meet up later... hmmm.. was not in my plan.. but ok lah... smsed him back told him that i will finished my things by 730 or 8pm. just before i finished getting my hair dried... he smsed again. so, we meet up in klcc... i had my dinner, he had his ice-cream.. the ice-cream doesnt look that good :P... did a bit of shopping... bought myself a pair of ear-rings for the party :P.... hmmm my necklace was cheaper! :P

and i had a wonderful time with AD. he looked tired but cheerful. somehow, i know... there are a lot of things in his mind