Thursday, June 5, 2008

an episode of carrie bradshow

the question for the men today. why cant a man answer a decent friendly question without being defensive? episodes in 'partnership' -- ahhh... i am tired of the usual 'relationship' term thingy. the norms for women and men...
  • if a man doesnt asks, a woman will think that he doesnt care
  • if a woman asks, a man will feel that she is checking on him -- or the usual word -- jealousy
why cant
  • if a man doesnt asks, the woman simply think that he might be busy at work
  • if a woman asks, the man takes it as she cares and just want assurance
things that couples need to learn by now.. or at least by after going through lots of failure 'partnerships', try to understand your partner. get what they really meant by asking those questions. if the woman needs assurance, why cant the man give assurance instead of being jumpy and defensive. if men wants women to give space and understand them, it should be equal. women should be getting the same treatment. everyday is a learning process. you wont know a person that fast, it takes time. oh yes - there will be lots of roller coaster rides. if you can take it, you stay in the train/car/or whatever vehicle you wanna be in. if you feel you cant, leave while its still early.

that doesnt sound very supportive, does it? :( but that is reality.
  • only the strong ones stay and win to beat the challenges.
  • only the weak ones give up and leave the train. and hop onto another train. will it repeat? oh yes it will - if you dont change.
so, which category do you wanna be in? :) the choice is yours.

lots of individual out there made sacrifices once they get into 'partnerships' and it takes effort from both side to make it work.
  • there is no such thing as 'i will try to make it work'.
  • it is 'together we will make it work'.
and that is the positive way of successful partnership. 'try' doesnt seem to work anymore... it's beginning to be like or sounded like 'what will be, will be'.

so... will you take up the challenge? are you still strong to be on the roller coaster??? *wink*

or.... hmmm let me think about it! or perhaps a cooling period would be good huh.. and all i want is something beautiful out of it