Monday, June 9, 2008

the engine has started

i was shocked to find out that i have missed doing something that i should have done say, 2 weeks ago! shuckss.... i am dead meat man... and while i was struggling to finish an assignment given to me, i saw the letter on my desk! o'uh... and i panicked. hmmm... lots of things to be done... and my tummy is making the rock music. did not have proper lunch today coz i was feeling lazy and tired. i dozed off at my desk... :) heh... heh... went downstairs just before 2pm and most of the food has finished. so i just bought what is left... and it was so boringgg.... ate a bit and went back to my workstation to finish my work.

by 540pm i got an sms from AD... asked if i am awake?! duhh... here i am struggling with tonnes of things to do, and he asked if i am awake?? hmmm... well anyway ended up at his place, i had an early dinner. continue doing my work for my morning meeting.. got it done just before the online training started. :) managed to listen to the training. as usual, the training was great!! but, even if the training is great, at the end of the day, its the person's attitude that needs to be changed. if you dont move, nothing can change you!

hence, i am changing... faster than before this time... :) i want to change my life... and i like to see other people's life change in a positive way. i am grateful with what i have but i want something better, and i believe i can do it.

i got back, carried joey from my mom's room.. kissed lisa in her room... and this.. is my therapy for a good night sleep - other than a cute cup of XanGo... :) i will have a good night sleep tonight.

i had a nice man before but he wasnt the good man for me. and i asked for a good man, but he is not so nice to me... so?? what do i want next? heh... heh.. :D hmmmm learn to accept what is granted to you and be grateful - joelis' happiness is utmost important

ein signing off at 1203am