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can i ask you a serious question?

would you like to earn RM100,000 a month?
click below for a 7 minutes interesting video presentation and get back to me ;)

Business Times - News on XanGo

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the wedding, our family day, fab party

hmm goshh... i am putting everything together now! :D hehehe

being away for almost 3 full days without joelis really makes me misses them so much. so, no matter what, i would always make it an effort to cover back the times that i have been away or too busy with work. well, i may not be purrfect but i know that i do spend quality times with my darling joelis.

sunday 22nd june 2008. lisa requested for a swim session. so, i told AD that he did not have to take the lrt to our place after his work. joelis and i went to his place right after music class.. and i really enjoyed watching joelis and AD in the pool.. hehehe... AD was attacked by joelis in the pool!! and 1 and a half hour later, we went upstairs, watched jumanji together and played cards.. went home just before 7pm.

last saturday, 21st june 2008 was lisa's fav teacher's wedding day. and lisa insisted to get something from la senza for her beautiful teacher reen. Reen was really beautiful that day... i am not saying that bec…

our trip to krabi

krabi.... we both have never been there - to thailand.. and krabi was something that we planned in a spur of time. the 3 days 2 nights stay in krabi was full of adventure so to speak. i took the opportunity to really take a break... relax.. and enjoying the moment there with AD and - we did a lot of walking! and do i miss my joelis? of course... but sometimes, i need my time too and i believe joelis understand :) well, anyway, for a person who doesnt walk that much... hmm i felt like my feet were telling me, 'stop walking pleaaseee....' hehhehe :D a bit of exaggerating there :P

learnt something new from/about AD. and we, understand each other better. yes... everyday is a learning process for both of us. not trying to be mushy here, but hey - the reason why i go on this trip is to learn and understand about each other better, because i know, that in kl, 95% of our time spent together we only talk about work and 4% we talk about joelis and only 1% is left for me. other activities…

stay tuned for more... hot news!!

hey everybody.. i am recharged.. after a good break!! i have lots of stories to tell... amazing stories... from krabi!!! great actors and actresses from the hotel itself!!

maybe i'll divide the stories into 2 chapters.. :D the good times... coz of AD and also the adventures... and the other one would be the superficial people that we meet over there! as promised... i will spread the words all over the internet about the resort!!

so, guys/gals... stay tuned.. as i need to put joey to bed first... :P heh... heh.. here's a small pic to share... :P for intro? ahaksss....

feel the love

suddenly i miss my joelis. i know its pretty early in the morning.

me and my XanGo: got at the office by 8am. spent the whole drive to office listening to more CDs about the goodness of XanGo. i am getting more and more excited about it. i want to share all these information to everyone i know. its true what Dr. Ken Booster said in his CD... if you know something that can make the loved ones get better and when it becomes reality, you will feel good about yourself, especially when you have something to do with that! what is being presented are facts. based on medical research and they are just amazing!! and i am energized again... and more each day with all these knowledge that i gain.

lisa called me... with her excited voice yesterday during my lunch time. she just got back from school and she was so excited coz she got the autographs of the artists from akademi fantasia 07 and 08. hehehe :D wish you could hear her voice.. she met riz, nadia, mila..etc.. just right in front of her scho…

the engine has started

i was shocked to find out that i have missed doing something that i should have done say, 2 weeks ago! shuckss.... i am dead meat man... and while i was struggling to finish an assignment given to me, i saw the letter on my desk! o'uh... and i panicked. hmmm... lots of things to be done... and my tummy is making the rock music. did not have proper lunch today coz i was feeling lazy and tired. i dozed off at my desk... :) heh... heh... went downstairs just before 2pm and most of the food has finished. so i just bought what is left... and it was so boringgg.... ate a bit and went back to my workstation to finish my work.

by 540pm i got an sms from AD... asked if i am awake?! duhh... here i am struggling with tonnes of things to do, and he asked if i am awake?? hmmm... well anyway ended up at his place, i had an early dinner. continue doing my work for my morning meeting.. got it done just before the online training started. :) managed to listen to the training. as usual, the training…

fantastic weekend!

as predicted and expected, i was gonna have a fanta-bulous weekend!! the most important thing - we won netball!!! yezzaaa..... MBHQ netball team is the champion again this year... it was a good fair game. :) no fighting on the field this time... heh... heh... :D

i was supposed to drive but on friday morning when we arrived at the office, NSM was driving with a trainee in his car. so i thought why dont we car pool. we tried to arrange our bags in the car... and yessss.... they fit!! so, all of us, 4 adults and 2 kids in my mini mpv. okay laa... joey sat in the last seat.. and i was the co-driver. we watched 'duyung' all the way. it was a funny and relaxing movie.reached teluk batik at around 3pm. unload our bags to the room. i got a 1-room apartment for me and joelis. invited Widz to join us. it was spacious enough for 2 adults and 2 kids. that night joelis slept in the bedroom while Widz and i slept in the hall in front of the tv. after finished unloading, we drove to the beach…

getaway - lumut

joelis and i are going to lumut today, for our weekend getaway - office sports carnival and family day. left the office early yesterday evening, did not plan to see AD but he offered to pick up my XanGo box from the office, so.. jumpa la sekejap. as i reached at his place, the traffic has started to be bad... met him at the gym coz he was training someone. and.. as usual, 'you dont want to do your gym?' he asked... and i went, 'errmmm i dont feel like it, i am going to drive tomorrow morning' (i thought that was powerful enough - excuse) hehehehe :D and 'only for 20 minutes huh... you need to run'... oh well.... i was out of excuses... so i went upstairs, changed into my gym clothes and there i was. :)

by 815pm i was already home. nice dinner... heh.. heh.. :D packed our clothes with joelis. 3 days 2 nights in lumut.. hmmmm there will be lots of pics.. stay tuned guys :) i might not be able to update my blog for the next 3 days okay. ;) beach games... lots of sw…

an episode of carrie bradshow

the question for the men today. why cant a man answer a decent friendly question without being defensive? episodes in 'partnership' -- ahhh... i am tired of the usual 'relationship' term thingy. the norms for women and men...
if a man doesnt asks, a woman will think that he doesnt careif a woman asks, a man will feel that she is checking on him -- or the usual word -- jealousywhy cant
if a man doesnt asks, the woman simply think that he might be busy at workif a woman asks, the man takes it as she cares and just want assurancethings that couples need to learn by now.. or at least by after going through lots of failure 'partnerships', try to understand your partner. get what they really meant by asking those questions. if the woman needs assurance, why cant the man give assurance instead of being jumpy and defensive. if men wants women to give space and understand them, it should be equal. women should be getting the same treatment. everyday is a learning process.…

the blown fuse

i believe love needs sacrifice. understanding. respect... bla.. bla... this is not love class 101. but i am just letting go what i personally feel. lots of things have been going around since the last i wrote in my blog.

what hurts:
my sadness - more of kecik hatijoelis' frustration - you can read more in their blogswhat put a smile on my face:
meaningful time with close friends, be it on the phone or just a simple lunch session.put up my priority straight - cancelled 3 out of 5 credit cards!!! - isnt that great??!!having more time for myself and joelisdoing what i love to doein rules!!! - if you think you know so much about women, you dont know what ein can do when it comes to men *wink* - AA... thanks... :)delicious char kuey teow.. - SA.. thanks :)impromptu karaoke session - AS... thank you :)
my weakness: when i get hurt, it takes time for me to heal. i will become very reserved and quiet. every single thing that is said, i might take it seriously. i will start to distance myself …