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to the chef

by - May 26, 2008

i have already 'niat' that after the dinner, i will have a special dedication for the chef :) to my dear friend SA... heh heh :D he sort of told me about 2 weeks ago, while we were having a short lunch, while i waited for joelis' music class to end. SA is gonna babysit his sister's house for 2 weeks, and he feels like cooking... and i was there seated... listening to his plans... and agreed on a date. it wont be a huge thing, just a few close friends to sit in and dine and watch dvd/tv etc together. and so, the menu were... lamb, chicken and crab... my fav!! yes!!! and since it is on sunday, i can eat anything!! wuuhhuuu...

dinner starts at 7pm. i was supposed to bring/cook 'pengat durian' but... could not find durian in the morning, so, i just bought a few pieces of curry puffs on the way back from joelis' music class yesterday. AD and i arrived first... with of course, me lost our way for a while... hmmm :D :P we reached the security guard at 701pm... hmmm not bad huh... and if we found the way straight way, we could have reached there earlier! ahakss... Nash was already there, helping SA to cut the bread.. and since i was starving, after my gym session prior to that... hmmm what else... attack!!!

i started with the crab... hmmm delicious... ate them with the bread. and later, i attacked the lamb... slllurrpp.... soft although it looked dry... and i had more crabs... and more... hehehe :D embarrassed already... but hey... he cooked well!! not my fault.. :P and later i took a piece of chicken. hmmm i'd better stop and leave some for Angelina and AA who were already on the way. :) while waiting, for them to arrive, i checked the dvds for any interesting movie to watch. aahh!! found one...

SA, Nash, AD and i watched ocean thirteen... until Angelina and AA arrived... and Nash and SA were busy entertaining and preparing food for them... and i will join once a while... it was so tempting for 2nd round... but my tummy was really full!!! oh yes, AA came with a few roti boom... and i forgot to pack :(

well anyway... SA... i had a great time eating the food that you cooked!!! thank you very much for inviting... and so looking forward for the next time.. ;) *wink*

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