Thursday, May 22, 2008


i need new pairs of shoes.... note that - 'pairs'. hahaha :D i am really tired of buying cheaper shoes as they dont last that long, and after a while, my feet hurts... i believe it is better to invest on errr... better shoes. no, i am not so much of a branded person. as long as it looks nice on me, i'd buy them. however, when it comes to shoes.... i think, brand is important! go for clarks, hush puppies and at most, princess... the brand that i love since i was very young. yes, i have tried shoes from 'v', 'cr', 'p' but.... i dont quite like them... it will be okay but then... errmmm... just, not that nice lah :P

hmmmm why am i writing about shoes anyway this morning? coz right now i am wearing my sister's (N1) shoes... hehehhe... it looks nice. ala ala cinderella glass shoes... but it is not that comfortable. whatever la... alamak... i've got a call for the guesthouse tenant!!

got to go... till then... have a great day ahead!!! :) coz i know i will....