Wednesday, May 21, 2008

the question(s) i cant stand

why am i divorced? duhhh....

hmmmm.... this is the 3rd year that i am being single... well, not really single now... i am in a relationship.. just that its the 3rd year i am being a single parent. and yeahh... every now and then people around ask... why was i divorced? hmmmm how should i answer that question. i dont get emotional about it, just that i get tired answering. and to some people, they can accept my answers... but to some, they'd say that my answer is too general. so what...? what has that got to do with you anyway... if you are someone close, then i might wanna say something else. the truth is, the reasons change all the time.. depending on who is asking... heh heh.. :D i dont like to recall those questions myself... but obviously i can still remember when i asked joelis dad why... and his answers were.. ermm.... aahhh i better not comment further. those were my pasts... and as i have repeatedly mentioned here in my blog, i am having a real good time now :) i am not a person who would pretend that i am a princess in fairy tale... i do have the ups and downs... :) and there is nothing out there that i cannot handle at the moment... insyaAllah... Allah swt is always by my side... and those who needs Him :)