Friday, May 23, 2008

my girl's disappointment

our talk in the car while i was driving sending my precious to school.

lisa: ma... you know last week i asked daddy if he was free. and he said he's not?
me: yea.. hmmm...
joey: bila lisa? (translated as: when lisa?)
lisa: last week, and daddy said, next thursday daddy free.
me: so, the thursday was supposed to be yesterday, right?
lisa: uhuh... and..
me: hmmmm.... *i can feel her disapppointment*
lisa: he did not even call. and i cant call him because i am out of credit.
joey: daddy dont remember. well... we call always spend time with AD.. all of us! *in his usual cheerful tone*
lisa: well... i purposely did not call him coz i wanna see if he remembers his own promise.
me: *change the topic* errmmm lisa, you have an appointment with dr aili tomorrow okay..
lisa: yeah okay, i know
joey: ma... why does lisa goes to see dr aili?

and the conversation continues... :)

love to see my cheerful joelis this morning despite all the frustration that they keep in their heart... they can manage it well... err... i pray hard to Allah swt