Thursday, May 22, 2008

move it babe!

was supposed to have my netball training yesterday... well, it was my gym day actually. but the girls decided to have an extra training for netball... for me, no problem... just need to change the gym training. but... it was raining.... so, the netball was cancelled. :D yey..? hehehe :D :P i called AD aka my PT.. if i can come earlier for gym... he told me that one of his student is coming a bit later... so i go first laa... and yesterday, my session was from 630pm to 730pm... lama giler... and since they have the punching bag, i practised my kicks... heh ... heh.. missed the karate lessons actually... and this week, i will be more discipline on my diet.. :O hahaha... well anyway... here's a pic of AD while he was training his trainee.. :D while i was seated on the bench... errr resting.. :O :P