Monday, May 26, 2008

lil treat for the lil ones :)

as promised... told lisa that i'd give them both a treat. did not think of anything specific at that time. :) last saturday, lisa had her appointment with dr aili at mont kiara. she was in the session for 2 hours! wow... must have lots of things that she needed to say/talk about. i waited outside with joey. joey has been playing with his laptop non stop... while i watched the tv... and fallen asleep once a the time lisa finished, we were so starving. so, we had our dinner just next to the clinic. we've never tried eating there... but that night, it was delicious... :) joey had sore eye so he was avoiding the flash when i took his picture :) hehehe :D and that turned out to be the treat for my lil joelis :) ada rezeki sikit, kita spend sikit2... ada lebih lagi, insyaAllah... boleh la extra sikit.

oh yes... lisa had her first zit on sunday! hehehe :D