Tuesday, May 13, 2008

just another day

i am feeling a bit bluech today actually. learnt something last night, which now made me feel, errmmm how do i say it yeah... ermm... not a nice feeling. :( i wish i was told earlier.. coz i have already made plans... :( hmmm its okay lah... i'll work something out. things will get better. yes it will!

really missed joey. he just had a hair cut :) its all N3's fault... we went to carrefour to get a few stuffs. so, while i queue to pay, i told my sister to take joey for a quick hair cut. and see what happened! i actually screamed looking at the new haircut. :O joey has been asking to do that hair style, like the style he had when we were in London in 2004. but he will look naughty... *sigh* ahhh... its done anyway...

will have another netball session today after office. had my gym session yesterday. sick or not, still had the gym session. and after that i slept for a while at my hideout.

i am a bit high right now... no.. no i am not on any medication... hehehehe.. just that, feel a bit 'i dont know what to do first' sickness... hahahaha :D LOL... ohh gosh. i am gonna miss bella drama today!! shucksss...