Friday, May 30, 2008

joey's next

after lisa's frustration... it was joey's turn today. *sigh* i just put him to sleep coz he was crying. i told him not to be sad and his answer was, 'it is not sad ma... i am just frustrated' and slowly he crawled into bed beside me... 'aww... i am so sorry sweetheart' and i gave him a hug and kissed him. i am already out of words for his dad's actions.

joey called me up at the office today, excited telling me, well actually asking my permission if he can go out with his dad tonight. somehow, i have doubt that it is gonna happen. very rare that his dad would ask to bring them out at night. but anyway, i never stop joelis from seeing their dad. so... there goes... i will have my netball... AD will be busy with his gym and joelis wont be home when i get home... hmmmm...

but.. guess what... as i drove into my parents' porch... i heard joelis' voice!! hmmm they are still home... joey called his dad many times, but his dad did not pick up the phone. they waited till almost 11pm... but their dad still did not turn up nor he has the courtesy to call and tell if its cancelled... and etc... etc... dont need to explain... you can read lisa's frustration too in her blog. thats a pic of joey smsing his dad asking why he did not come...

i am getting sleepy now.. maybe i better sign off... :(