Monday, May 12, 2008

its another week already?

gosh... the weekend is too short for me to spend time with the family. had my netball training after almost a year not playing netball. well, i did a few shoots at home.. but.. thats about it :) the training was supposed to be 2 hours, but since it was our first after a verrryyyyy long break... we stopped after 1 hour! :D thought i could joined my friends at bsc for bonding session but had to canceled because i need to pick up joelis at N1's house. got home, N3 called to let me know that my close relative is here from Johor. so, i drove to ampang to meet up and had fun chit chatting with my 'cuz' - yote! very talkative 'small' girl. she is so petite that i think she is as big as lisa :P she is as cheerful as always, and her wedding is coming soon! hmmm i better start sending my new clothes to the tailor.

sat: drove off to kajang to meet up with my aunt. since i was driving alone, i lost the way... . thought of taking joelis with me, but they were already kidnapped by N3 :D hehehe.. and i thought i'd have time to go to the office... but... i spent longer time at my aunt's place... and did my facial there too! :) done just before 3pm. smsed AD and asked him how was the meet up at the office. looked like no one turned up so, he went off to do some other errands. joined him and NS later at times square.

dinner: had mothers' day dinner at home. N3 and N4 prepared dinner and dessert. food was good, but somehow, i did not have the appetite to eat a lot. :( didnt finished my lamb. weird coz lamb is my favorite dish. why aa? oh yes... we sort of dressed up a bit lah... hehehe :D

oh yes, the kids had some show that night too. after dinner, we went upstairs and watched the AF concert... borrriingg... as usual.. missed nadia's turn.

ohh... i received a mothers' day gift from my mom. heheh :D thanks mom.... :) *malu* i received a beautiful bouquet of roses from joelis. will upload the pic once N4 has uploaded all the pics from her camera.

sunday: didnt think that i'd see AD. but.. jumpa jugak :D hehehe.. was telling him about the lamb, the night before. and to cut story short, N3 made lamb sandwich for AD's lunch. before that i made fried meehoon as requested by my mom. :) then, rushed to send joelis for their music class. told AD that he have to take the train to my mom's place. AD had lunch at my mom's place. he did his work while i wash the dishes.. then went to jusco with joelis. AD had to get a present for his friend, joelis as usual, cant go to the bookstore. they get excited... and... apa lagi, kena pow la... got them a book each... and as usual, they are given a budget of RM20 per person and they can choose what book they want :)

whatever it is, the weekend seems to be too short! joelis will be having their exam next week.