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i want to help but

by - May 22, 2008

one of my relatives whom i addressed him as 'wak' which means 'uncle', just passed away 2 days ago due to brain tumor. :( *al fatihah* i just visited his wife at the hospital on sunday nite with AD. his wife called me up crying on sunday afternoon, crying, told me that his husband has been admitted as he could not eat or drink anymore. she wanted the mangosteen juice... she tried all she can to make his husband become better. but we are talking about brain tumor here... it was really sad. i saw him the week before, at his home, he was already really weak. i wanted to introduce the mangosteen juice before that, but i was not sure how to start. of course i cannot guarantee that he will get cured but we do have many cancer patients with positive results. and when i told my aunt about it, she said she actually started and bought it from his friend, right after my uncle's operation, BUT she did not continue :(... arggghhh.... and when i heard that, i was frustrated... i wish it was explained thoroughly on how to take the juice. i dont know... if only they followed and be patience in taking it... *sigh*... but i guess God loves him more...

i hope, people out there, dont wait until you or someone you love becomes too weak. when it comes to health, i believe its worth the effort...

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