Saturday, May 31, 2008


yesterday - it was raining very heavily... with lightning... and thunder... i was seated at the sofa after having a meeting with my designer on some of my office's event. suddenly.... where's KLCC tower???? and KL tower??? gone???? errkkss....

and... that was the day that i had my own gloomy day... :( i was disturbed by what was said to me.. maybe it was a miscommunication.. maybe he has his own frustration... but why shoot it on me? :( and why blame it on me? it did sounded like a blame... and as usual... me and my soft heart... cried it all out... until i could not breathe... and i could not drive... i stopped by the roadside to stabilize myself. had a long consoling moment with NA... till i felt much better to drive.. and my hp battery went kaput!

and to make it worst, i was stuck in a very bad traffic due to the rain earlier for more than 1 hour just to get home from KL!! as soon as i got home, charged my hp and went downstairs for dinner with my joelis. i tried very hard to hide my sadness..

when i went up again to the room, saw his miss call... hmmmm... call jugak