Sunday, May 4, 2008

blame it on the hormone

we need something to blame it on, dont we? yeahh it must be the hormone... why do women have to be complicated? or even if they are not, the way they think is complicated enough. and, me being a woman, i cant seem to run away from it - being / thinking in a complicated way. why cant women think or act more like men? they say what they think of and they mean it... err... i hope that is true / right / correct. its like what they want, they say it... unlike women, they may say something, but it can mean something else?! ihik..ihik... :D yeahhh it happens sometimes. why cant women just take it easy.... take things easily and dont complicate matters. err... are all this getting too complicated to be read? :O errkksss...

i have been having all these ups and downs, when if i were to think about it, its just plain 'nothing!' or i am just making things complicated... whoops.. its the word again. well anyway, that picture was taken when i did my reccee at taman alam, kuala selangor. we are planning to have a day with our customers there. and you see.... how serious i looked.. errmmm do i look like having a complicated mind at all?!! and... if you see me now, my hair is shorter :( huk.. huk... yeah... i was fed-up yesterday, and decided to have a hair cut before i go for my meeting at xango office. and... we both were wearing black... ahakss... :P jangan marah.... ouch... these naughty mosquitoes are biting my legs right now!! errr.. and can you see the complicated tree roots? hehehe :D

well anyway, me being me... broke down into tears... ahhh.... drama... like what my bro-in-law would say. well you know, me sometimes, or shall i say, most of the times, i keep whatever i feel inside... and when the day came... the wrong day... it will just blurt out... and i start to cry :P i cant even talk... AD was getting confused.. :P whatever it is, they have been sorted out... although... me being me... still have a bit grouchiness... heheheh :D

and now, everyone is asleep... and i will too soon... just need to write all these mixed feelings in my blog... for you to read :) and thank you AA for listening and pointing out our weaknesses being women. AA and i were like playing the chasing game.. i would call her and she did not pick up the call, and when she calls me back, i would either busy or did not hear the phone.. finally, we get to talk... and we were laughing about it!! :D

AD is a wonderful person. and alhamdulillah i am grateful being introduced to him. cuma... dia tu kuat bebel lah! :P tak larat nak dengar... yeah yeah... i know he is my personal trainer... but i am not miss fitness. i get more cranky when i am not allowed to eat stuff that i have been eating for the past 35 years! duhh... ahhh complaining now :P hahahaha... but... there is positive improvement... 'okay la tuh' bak kata saeda.. :P ahaksss... can you see the path behind me in that picture? :) slow and steady babe....

i think, for now... afundi nadia... errmmm no... i have not voted yet

good night all... AD, thank you for being with us like a family. and as what lisa said, he is a nice guy. and...

and... and... being the complicated creature... i want a good man, not a nice man? and AD is getting there