Friday, May 16, 2008

the birthday dinner

we have not been out for quite sometime. the last time we went out, and when it turned out to be a disaster... hehehe... exaggerating... well... it was true :P we have not been out errr... clubbing.. my friends' band has stopped their contract in shangrila. and the band that we love at GM has changed. so, where else? AD and i have not been out dancing... we both have been spending our time with work, family, kids... etc... i have started to realized that we rarely have the chance to talk about us. :) hmmm...

well anyway, last week, i told AD, why dont we go to WH and dance on thursday. and he said okay... also depending if i still have the urge after the gym session LOL.... :D and ... guess what... his friend invited him for a birthday dinner, and AD invited me to come along, since i know the guy :) AD's friend is based in morocco and will come back to kl every now and then. so, there we were at the curve, italiannies... i hope i spelled the restaurant's name correctly. lots of food... and i packed some pizza home for joelis :) irwan, the birthday boy had to stand on the chair while the waiters sang the birthday song for him! heheheh :D we had a good time :) and... there goes our plan for a dance session :O