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by - May 07, 2008

heheheh :D mesti nak gelak dulu... well, actually it was lisa and my mom who got addicted first. i started to watch this drama about 3 weeks ago, i think. so kiranya, dah half way lah. best jugak. tv3 every day till thursday rasanya at 630pm and lasted for 1 hour. but yesterday since i left office a bit later than usual, i reached home just before 700pm... so termiss sikit lah. and yang kelakar tu, AD has started to watch my drama too hehehe.... so, last night, before AD starts to marah, i have already smsed him saying that today, i will start my gym around 740pm. after the drama, prayer then only gym... so, dia kena makan dulu, kalau tak, kalau mamat tu lapar, bebel satu minggu tak habis! :P hehehe :D apa la jadik agaknya today when bella meets zahar... hmmm kalau you all nak tahu... tengok lah malam ni.... stay tuned! no datuk jalal this time... yang ada azhar sulaiman and the rest... but they are good la... of course la kan... all the actors and actress orang2 experienced.

lagi satu.... mana pergi my 'poke' eh??? lama tak dengar citer :O hmmm musykil...

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