Friday, May 9, 2008


getting pissed right now... i dont know why but the counter on my page suddenly went haywire. tried to put back.. but.. aahhhh....

grrr... why is it so cold at the office now?? :( i think too many people are on leave, thats why its colder than usual.

had a long day yesterday. was supposed to have a relaxing time with AD and talk... yeah.. talk.. we rarely get the chance to actually talk. i mean, talking about other things than work. it has always been about work. and when there is issue, it tends to pile up. and knowing me, it will just burst. hehehe :D well anyway, our talking session turned out to be... having a meeting with a potential customer/distributor. :O errkkss... met up with AD at the office yesterday, and he was having a meeting with a guy with a strong BO! OMG... i almost fainted!! yeah yeah yeah exaggerating.. hehehe... no, seriously...!! i dont know how AD could stand sitting next to this guy for more than 1 hour!! i salute him laa... he must have a very strong filter in his nose! LOL...

well anyway, later, after maghrib, we went to this prospect's house. no, we dont usually do this, normally the meetings will be held at the office but since she lived near AD's place, i decided to meet up with her and her daughter. so... there we were... AD and i... AD did a brilliant job as usual, explaining about the company, product and also our system. there is something about this prospect tho... i dunno... lots of stories in between. we find them interesting and full of energy.. but... we'll just reserve our comments at the moment until we see them signing up :) and her daughter has a blog. since i am a blogger... i get excited with other people's blog. personally, i feel that her blog is tiring. its like adlin's comment in last week's AF's concert. when we drive, and if we stay on the 3rd gear all the time, gearbox can burst! so, thats what i mean by tiring - tired reading her blog. its too hyper... :) maybe just not my type of blog that i would read often... sometimes maybe.. i am a more relaxed person, or at least trying to be :)

joelis were already asleep when i got home. well, the meeting ended almost 11pm... and after i actually get to have a talk/chat with AD... it was already very late...

oh well... about the prospect... lets just see okay... but now i am really sleepy... and i missed my joelis and AD.