Sunday, April 27, 2008

pot pet pot pet

thats how my youngest niece sounded like if she has started to talk non stop. she is errmm 3 years old... :D can you imagine how chatty she can be? she has been wanting to be my daughter last weekend... hehehe :D simply because she has been in my car, and we have a dvd player where she can watch a movie. :D

felt like this weekend i had so much things to do. started with...

saturday: morning, breakfast at ali's bistro. sent lisa to clinic. later, went for house view with kalam's clan. :D hmmm nice big house, enough for everyone... check out the pics that i took with my hp. not bad... the rooms are bigger.. and kitchen's cabinet is still good.
then, went to the guesthouse to check on the condition. it was clean! hmmm... my guests actually cleaned up the whole house before they left.. :) how nice. and then, got home... showered again... to get ready to go to work. then off to lowyat to change the printer's ink and had my lunch at 430pm! later, drive home.. watched af6's concert.. and off to bed. oh yes... i signed up a friend today!! yezzaaa.... and a bit more to go for me to reach the next level! and it makes me happy if XanGo can help people feel better.

sunday: breakfast with nasi lemak atoq... hmmm nyummm... then off i went for a meeting in the morning. it was a fruitful meeting... all 3 things at one go! helped finished with my mom's co. profile, my office event planning materials and also XanGo! :) and he wants to try a bottle. cool huh... :) and around 12ish... went home to fetch joelis for their music class. and smsed AD at the same time. he was lazying by the pool. i asked him if he is free to join us after the music class. so, AD took the lrt and helped us, joey and i for groceries shopping. after that... we went to klcc for pizza :) it was good and a quick one as AD had a meeting at 6pm. and now.. here i am, at home, helped joey with his homework after dinner just now. and as i was typing this just now, N3 and N4 was helping joey with his crown creation. had a small issue with lisa in klcc :( it did bring me down a bit... but thanks to joey as he has been really sweet.

back to memory lane?: errmmm.... just now i was having a slight migraine. so, i slept for a while, after we came back from klcc.. and suddenly i saw / visualized the moment way back in 2004, during hari raya haji in kelantan. i shouldnt be thinking about this. but for a while, i was a bit frustrated with people who thinks that they have found their soulmate... or first love at the price of someone else's sadness.. it happened quite some time ago, and i have no regrets. just that i felt stabbed by someone whom i trusted so much. the day that i wanted to make a surprise for joey's dad, with joey.. i was surprised when that was the day, he was having a blind date with another woman. oh well... that was years back.. i was just wondering why suddenly it came into picture. *sigh*

well anyway... i am having a better life now.. alhamdulillah... :) hmmm

good night everyone... time for bed!