Wednesday, April 9, 2008

positive changes?

did not start with a good morning today. something is just not right somewhere, and i need to find out why as soon as possible. i have been feeling very tired lately. daily routine is getting too packed and i need to rearrange my schedule to make it more relax. hmmm... lisa has been very cranky for the past few days. dont tell me.. errr... hmmmm... joey as usual, he likes to 'sakat' his sister. and this morning i was angry at both of them. lisa has been snapping at her brother... and joey as usual being smart mouth in his cool way.. *grin*

not having a maid is making it more challenging. i just have to write down everything now so that i can start my day today in a more effective way. one thing for sure, things are lining up and needing my attention. hmmm... wish i have enough people to assist me at the office. its driving me crazy! i did just thought of taking the day off today... but dont think i can afford to do that.

hmmm what else? oh yes... need to do something about joelis' dad. he is another pain in the ass. he has not been giving joelis's alimony since jan 2007 till now! with joelis growing up and have more needs, it is getting more challenging for me to do it all alone. and i am grateful that i have my parents. the sad thing is that my mom is paying for joelis' tuition and transport from school. tell me, is that fair???? and joelis' dad wont pick up my call, tried calling him and he rejected my call! what an a&$*! *taking a deep breath*

and this afternoon, i am going to have a hair cut. have to get those bad chi(s) out of my system. hahaha LOL... :D having a long hair means high maintenance. ihikk.. :P

whats next???? aarrghhh have so many thingsss.... i wanna get it all done.

maybe.... ein needs to write more in her blog to calm her down :P ahaksss... and looking at the photo below, just melt me :)