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had a good time

by - April 10, 2008

... and relieved! :D hehehee :D i did what was planned yesterday. went out during lunch and had a hair cut. and later AS smsed and asked if i wanted to go for karaoke. hmmmm good idea... have not been karaoke-ing for ages! so, yeup... we went karaoke! it was good... i managed to sing the song 'gantung - melly goeslow' hehehe first try... next time, should be better ;)

and last night i went home earlier.. bought a special burger for my dinner since our house, by 8pm if we are not home, dinner will be gone! hahaha :D after eating my burger in the kitchen, went upstairs and checked on joelis. hmmmm they were as cheerful as always... and it makes me feel happy and all the tiredness - gone!

now i am gonna start work!! it is going to be a wonderful day!!! yey! :D

joelis, mama loves you very very much and nothing / no one will change or take any of those love from you, okay!! :* :*

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