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feeling excellent!

by - April 18, 2008

yes... its all coming back to me :) the mood is back... ahhh... that day must be just one of the days. i am feeling so great and fantastic this morning and will feel that way through out the weekend!

had a good sunday with joelis - after music class, on the way home and getting lunch, lisa asked:

lisa: ma... arent we supposed to watch video at AD's place?
me: errmmm... yea... if you wanna (have this worried tone in my voice)
lisa: well, lisa tak kisah (translated as 'i dont mind')
joey: joey nak! joey nak!
me: hmmm... okay lemme just text AD and check what he's up to.
joelis: yey!!!

and.... AD was relaxing by the pool. so... AD's place here we come! :) had a good relaxing, quality time spent :) and lisa has been playing with my phone camera! she took a pic of her and joey... and took a pic of AD too! it was raining very heavily... i sort of was in the mood of calling my prospects while joelis were watching video. after a while, AD offered to take care of joelis and took both of them to the gym, while i stayed home to call up more prospects :) after work, we took a walk near jln bukit bintang as lisa was looking for a yoga dvd. so that, joelis can do their yoga while i have my gym training with AD :) cool huh... ahhh found it!

and today.... i found my house keys!! that i have misplaced for the past 2 miserable days!! maybe that's why i am happy kut... hehehe :D

hmmmm and just now my mom just called... she asked if AD would like to join us for a trip tomorrow morning... err... i dont think so.. coz AD will be working tomorrow... i am sure it would be nice if he can :P well anyway... see la how..

ein better pen-off now.. :P too long blogging.... stay tuned... coz ein will be back!

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