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family quality times :)

by - April 20, 2008

part I: another day with the elephants... hehehe :D joelis loved it! this is the 2nd time they are there. this time, we brought the students from pekan baru for the visit. they had fun playing and feeding the elephants too. the students are here for 3 weeks and will be going back on monday, 21/4/08. just check out the pics and you'll know how much fun they had! N1's children came along this time with my brother in law... N1 is away for her overseas work trip. my mom as usual prepared lots of food and we actually had a picnic session at the car park! more pictures in the album

joey and the flying fox

imran & joey with the elephant's butt!kids at the elephants' 'pool'

part II: ouch... ouch... the gym session.. ! kecantikan melalui penderitaan.. ha itu lah dier... hehehe :D okay, i am doing an experiment on how far my body can go... errmmm meaning, i want to see how much changes (positive changes of course) i can do with my body. i want to stay healthy and ermm.. have a toned up body at the same time. so... i have actually started to go to the gym about 3 weeks ago... but, seriously doing it, errmm maybe this week... hehehe :D and now my whole body aches! the day started in the morning, i had an appointment at the hair saloon. next in line, was joelis' music class.. while waiting for them to finish their half hour class, i was being interviewed by one of the music teacher... hmmmm.... all sorts of questions came out, from work to personal.. at the end of the class, lisa said in the car, 'ma, i think teacher F likes you'... and i said, 'hmmm.. yeah? maybe' and we went home for lunch with the guests from pekan baru.. after that drove to AD's place for our gym and yoga session. joelis did yoga while i get trained.

part III: berjaya time square [bts] here we come.. we had our early dinner there. well, we were supposed to join the bbq at my mom's school.. but.. errmmm i am just not in the mood to join that session. so, we spent the time in bts. i was looking for my working shoes, which of course could not find the nice ones, yet. :) joelis asked for a wristwatch each. bought for them - hmmm.. happy nyerr... joey was enjoying himself playing with my camera too! luckily its digital, can you imagine if we still use the film like before? :D hehehe.. here are a few pics at bts. we had a great time!

errr how do i look?
AD helping joey with his coconut juice.. wahh so serious looking!say cheese everybody!! :D
and ein is looking forward for another wonderful times ahead :) *wink*

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