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by - April 23, 2008

i am a dreamer... i was dreaming the whole journey to the office today. these were my thoughts.

had the precious 15 minutes talking to dato' yesterday. havent been talking to him for a long long time. i mean really talk. :) do i miss those moments with him? yes i do, but we have been busy, the same goes to the angels. we hardly see each other. and this morning i heard angelina's song in the car, and gave her a quick sms.

AD has been in my mind too while driving... and i was dreaming.. :) and somehow, i felt that he is thinking of me too.. duhhhh.... dreamer! :P but hey... it was true! he messaged me and told me that.. ahah!! your thoughts can do wonders!

last night's family meeting. yeah we do have meetings every now and then. i kinda enjoy having the meeting as that is the time we talk about certain issues around the house. of course the main agenda is about our parents and the future planning. N3 being the most balanced one. N1 too many ideas, not enough time and resources, N2 prefers to be quiet and join in the fun every now and then, and lastly N4, the still blur one and has not understood the concept and getting emotional and pissed. hehehe :D

i had another gym session yesterday with my personal trainer (PT)... yeup verrryy personal indeed... heh heh heh.. :D :P he was supposed to have a meeting but later he called me up and told me that the meeting was canceled. so, i thought, since he is free, why not i go to the gym.. and i had my sort of trying to eat the right food. i am not saying that i can be perfect, but going towards there :P tryyinggg to eat the right way hahah :D i had 2 fried eggs with mix vegetable without rice.. hmmmm... and later last night i was hungry! hehehe :D i should be getting my protein shake soon!?

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